You knew it was only a matter of time before an NBA player won one of the 1,500 pairs of Nike Air Mags for some extravagant sum of money. Maybe it’d be Joe Johnson, who could store the hallowed kicks in his gigantic shoe closet. Or maybe it would be Gilbert Arenas, who’s notorious for collecting and wearing any shoe that’s expensive. There are hundreds of sneakerheads in the league, so it’s only logical to assume that one of them would drop some serious dough on the light-up shoesies.

But you probably wouldn’t have guessed Marco Belinelli would be the first NBA player to win an Air Mag auction. And then you’d be wrong. From, as translated by I Am a GM:

The Back to the Future shoes – The “italian pair” goes to Marco Belinelli for the auction price of $15,120. The proceeds wil be donated to the “Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research”

Turns out Marco Belinelli is a major cinephile. Or maybe just a collector of limited edition shoes. Or maybe just a Michael J. Fox enthusiast. Or maybe just an ’80s memorabilia connoisseur. Or maybe just a 7-year-old who loves shoes with lights. Or maybe just a Christopher Lloyd completist. Or maybe just a guy who wants to destroy Parkinson’s disease. Or maybe just an eBay addict. You get the point.

Whatever the case, it’s more than a little surprising that Marco Belinelli is the first NBAer with a pair of Air Mags. I would have bet on Nick Young, but I guess I just picked the wrong shoot-first shooting guard. Marco Belinelli seems way more likely to spring for a pair of Rocky Balboa’s USA boxing trunks or Rambo’s red headband.