For a guy who was on a Sports Illustrated cover, had a book written about his jump to the NBA and a documentary film made about him while he was in high school, Sebastian Telfair’s career probably hasn’t turned out the way he, and many others, thought it would. He’s a below-average point guard who starts games when better guys are injured, which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but he definitely isn’t the world-beater some people thought they were getting when he entered the draft out of high school.

But now that he’s an old guy, he wants a ring, which means he wants to join a contending team, which means he needs to offer those teams something special since everyone wants to join a contending team. So what’s he offering? Ben Golliver at Eye On Basketball found out.

Asked what he would bring to a championship contender at this stage of his career, Telfair didn’t hesitate or elaborate: ”I bring myself. I bring Sebastian Telfair.”

Accurate. Maybe not enticing, but certainly accurate. If some title-chasing team signs Sebastian Telfair, they will definitely be getting Sebastian Telfair. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’m not sure if this is the best sales pitch. Unless, of course, Sebastian Telfair brings more to a team than 40 percent shooting and a turnover for every assist-and-a-half. Maybe he knows how to find great karaoke spots or has a photographic memory or some other weirdly specific talent that would kind of help an NBA team to build chemistry. If that’s the case, teams are going to be fighting each other to sign Sebastian Telfair and all the himself that he brings with him.