On today’s EuroBasket episode, Skeets and Tas dig into Friday’s semi-final games: Spain-Macedonia and France-Russia. Topics include: Juan Carlos Navarro’s “masterpiece,” Spain’s second-chance points, whether MKD should’ve forced the action through Bo McCalebb a little more, Pero Antic’s antics, France’s three-point shooting, Batum out Kirilenko’ing Kirilenko, Blatt’s decision to sit the “beautiful, wild horse” (AK) with three fouls, Noah’s hot sister (again), Greece’s key win over Serbia, and more.


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Comments (11)

  1. Missed both of these games, thanks for the rundown.

    Less Matt, more non-Matt.

  2. Thanks guys, but why the no predsiction?

  3. @Breyzh

    what to predict ? ;-)

    Spain is winning it, and The Red Army is taking bronze.

    today there are games for nothing, so not even bother to watch them.

  4. Yesterday, GOD dressed again like a basketball player –> NAVARRO!!!

  5. I agree with @Baqu — Spain isn’t losing, and I don’t think France gets those types of performances from so many of their guys.

    @Fon – there’s a reason they call Navarro, JC.

  6. @Tas
    Yeah, that’s what they said about the Mavs too ;)

  7. @Tas: You already have a lot of facial features of Mark “HDMD” Jackson. Just up on the cheese cake diet and shave down the top a bit. Sit down for a chat with JVG and no one will notice.

  8. Oh, and regarding the Spain Hype. Not sure you guys have noticed, but the French have played on a mean of 75%, easily switching a gear whenever Parker feels like it. Just saying ;)

  9. JC Navarro probably has one of the best nicknames in basketball history.

    “LA BOMBA!!!”

  10. Yo yo yo, where’d Tas get that shirt? Can I get a link?

  11. @Farner: Yo, yo, yo, no, no, no. I don’t have a link – family brought it back from France for me. Sorry, man.

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