Whoa-oh-oh-oh, for the longest time, the big debate among NBA diehards has been who is better between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant, and the dispute continues to these days. If you like winning championships and the epitome of the superstar ethos, you choose Kobe Bryant. If you like basketball players who dominate every aspect of the game and then sometimes have terrible games when it matters most, you choose LeBron James. These are the generally held assumptions regarding the argument about these two basketball players, and most people will not change their minds even when confronted with statistics.

But that’s not stopping NBA 2K12 from setting the record straight. As far as their concerned, LeBron is four points better than Kobe. From Pasta Padre:

LeBron James will begin NBA 2K12 as a 98 – the highest rated player in the game – while Kobe Bryant has settled in at 94. Miami also features the 96 rated Dwayne Wade and the 80 rated Chris Bosh (who drops from the 87 he started 2K11 with). Bryant and the Heat, who have no players outside the “big three” above 68, are the only ratings revealed so far.

That settles that. No one will argue about this any more since a video game has declared that LeBron is better than Kobe and that Kobe isn’t even the second-best player in the game. I am glad that this episode of our lives has passed and now we can all be best friends. Let’s all meet at the soda stand to rejoice in the good times.

Pretty sad day for Kobe Bryant, I’m sure. One day he might be the best player in the league, and is being compared favorably to a guy who won two straight MVPs. The next, some video game tells him he’s not even the best shooting guard in the game. Crushing, undoubtedly.

But at least he’s not Chris Bosh, who sacrificed seven skill points and a couple million dollars to be a third option on the NBA’s runner-up. That sucks, but at least he got to pose with chocolate milk that one time. That sort of thing never would have happened in Toronto.

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  1. Thats why i dont play 2K… NBA live baby!!!

  2. That’s pretty realistic I guess. I heard that if you make it to the playoffs though, Lebron starts automatically bricking ill-advised threes and then just stands around in every fourth quarter. It’s amazing how accurate video games are getting.

  3. This is more true-to-life than most are willing to admit. LeBron is clearly the more talented of the two (which the games typically base their rankings on) while Kobe is the more successful (see also: Barry Sanders).

    Side note: I hear LeBron’s Loyalty score was only 6/100, which is in stark contrast with Kobe’s Sexual Assault score of 100/100.

  4. The ref comes in with a mighty score of 12

  5. It is realsitic. it’s not 2000-2009 Kobe anymore.
    What should Duncan say? I bet he’ll be rated at 85 or something.

  6. I hate to admit it, but lay-brawn is a better player than kohb. Kohb has show a marked decline over the years, and his performance has been suffering. Kohb isn’t a bad player, but he’s no longer the heir-apparent to MJ’s throne. LAy-brawn is in the peak of his career. he has 4-5 years until we’ll notice a marked decline in his abilities.

    The real question is, where’s derrick rose in all this?

  7. I hate LeBron, but yeah, he’s definitely a better player. Not only is Kobe a lot less athletic now, he also strayed from his offense quite a bit. He played well, but not as well as Wade or LeBron did. That’s what these ratings are trying to depict.

    Buttlover brought up a good point: You’d think Derrick Rose would be somewhere among the top guys. Guess we’ll find out later.

  8. I think the FAIR comparison should be Prime vs. Prime…

    compare KB in his best season…then LBJ in his best season…

    For the 2K12 argument, it should reflect the current players ability as of 2012…and this is accurate…KB is on a decline…LBJ is still dominant…

    Im glad 2K sports got this right, but I hope they also adjust other players on their decline as well (ie. Vince Carter). I remember playing 2K10 and Shaq still had one of the highest ratings, but really he was not even close to that in real life….

    • thank u kobez.kb in his prime is better than lebron in is prime.kb is much older than lebitch.but since kobe is older,i will say that lebron is better now.but kobe is still a great player.top 5 even now.look at his number.he averaged more points than lebron in 2011 and the current 2012 season.but all time careers,kobe is the better player.compare a 28 year old kobe to a 28 year old lebron,kobe is better.

  9. I can understand wanting to say kohb in spoken word, trying to shorten an already short word from 2 syllables to 1but when you are typing it out you still have hit 4 letters. so what’s the point? lol don’t know why that bugged me so much..

  10. Wade is better than Lebron anyway. Plus, Lebron’s rating should be multiplied by 3/4 since he tanks the last quarter and therefore should be 73.5

  11. I enjoy reading these comments if only for the occasional chance to see something hilarious like “Buttlover brought up a good point.”

  12. BRAD MILLER’S RATING IS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Wade should be the highest rated player in the game…..overall the best 2 way player in Basketball….

  14. A Defensive Settings screenshot this week has revealed Derrick Rose’s rating is 92, while Ty Lawson’s is 73 (or something close. Who cares.)

  15. I don’t think any player should be higher that a 95 rating first off…

    Lebron ratings wise should be best player in the game.
    Kobe should be happy to still have a 90+ rating after this let down season he had.
    Bosh at 80 is too big a decline. I was thinking like an 82 for him.

    Who knows maybe they put Rose or Durant at 99

  16. Lebron is 98 so will Larry Bird get his 99?

  17. Think if you are going by 2011 Lebron is a better player.
    If it was all time, no were near Kobe all the way.

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