On today’s final EuroBasket episode, Skeets and Tas breakdown Sunday’s Spain-France gold medal game. Topics include: Serge Ibaka’s Mutombo-like second quarter, whether J.C. Navarro deserved MVP over Pau, Rudy Fernandez decapitating Tony Parker, Nicolas Batum’s rough game, the All-Tournament EuroBasket Team selections, if Spain can defeat the USA in London, some beautiful girl named “Puerto Rica,” emails, and more.


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  1. Congrats to Spain for winning title, but they had 12 best guys and France were missing Pietrus, Turiaf and Beaubois. With those 3 France would def had a chance. You opinion?

    And I have 2 hypothetical questions.

    Would eurobaskets allstars be NBA title favorites?
    Imagine u had 12 men roster:
    startin 5: Parker,Batum, Deng, Nowitzki,Gasol
    bench: McCalebb, Navaro, Kirilenko,Gallinari, Ibaka, Noah,Gasol.

    I think this team is better than any curent NBA team.(def. current cause they don’t have any players as we speak).

    And can this team beat USA Dream team?

  2. Jose has dunked a few times in game. For example:


  3. Cheeseburger M. Gasol ha ha. Isn’t it Angola vs. Angolia? God I want your job. 2012 USAB roster, I called it (perhaps a debate/post soon?):
    LeBron/E. Gordon

  4. angolia hahahha

  5. Kobe on Spain’s chances of beating the USA next year… “Spain? Pau? I guess he remembered how to box out and dunk (laughs), but he lost me my sixth ring so I’ll be damned if he see’s a gold medal.”

  6. On to the WNBA Jones! :)

  7. Congratulations to Spain!

    btw you were great in “Drive”, Tas.

  8. If Spain and USA meet next year at the Olympics, Spain has somebody to stop (or at least try to) Wade and the other wing guys –> Victor Sada, an underrated player because his lack of offense, but great defender and rebounder, an effort guy with huge hoops. Actually he made a good job against Parker in few minutes in the Final, and this past season sent Rubio to the bencho for the playoffs (well, maybe this last wasn’t too difficult…)

    Thanks for all the Eurobasket coverage guys!!!

  9. saw it live. great game, though the bornze game was more entertaining as far as intensity is considered. the final was a lot more nba, than european ball, but the crowd was way way better.
    little gem from behind the scenes – mozgov and vorontsevich taking pictures of a security guy fighting snot and then sharing the picture with all the dudes

  10. thanks for the show guys

    if the lock out continues, are you planning sth special ?

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