In today’s NBA landscape, it is almost a prerequisite that our superstars have an interest in fashion. Basically only the old-timers — your Tim Duncans, your Dirk Nowitzkis — are exempt from this judgment, as they came to prominence during a time when guys could wear whatever they wanted on the sidelines. Now, in this post-dress code world, loving clothes is more important than ever. Carmelo Anthony knows what I’m talking about.

And while all sorts of new jacks are starting their denim lines and their t-shirt businesses and “helping” design their signature shoes and hiring the same stylist so that they all wear the same urban nerd outfits, one really, really old-timer is stepping his fashion game up to the extreme. That old-timer is Kevin Willis, formerly of most of the NBA’s team but mostly the Raptors and Hawks, and he debuted a legit fashion line at last week’s New York Fashion Week.

The reviews, courtesy of GQ, are not so great.

We’re all for giving the tall fellas something to wear, but former NBA big man Kevin Willis’ collection, Walker & Willis (yes, Kevin Willis has a clothing line) is the style equivalent of a Shaquille O’Neal free throw. The Michael Jackson-inspired, Shaft-worthy suiting, formal duds, and denim just misses the mark, and you know what? It’s not even as bad as it could have been. “I’m wearing Kevin Willis” should simply never be uttered on the red carpet, ever.

This is what happens when the designer is a 7-footer with the arms of a man who is 18 inches shorter. It is pretty hard to get those proportions right, which is why you see jackets that button at the nipples and fishtail out like medieval tunics. I am not Tim Gunn from “Project Runway” telling people to “make it work,” but that doesn’t seem to work, even if you are trying to make it work.

See for yourself. After the jump, we’ve got some looks from the Willis & Walker show.

The Injured Reserve

The Cruise Ship Waiter

The Something Shaq Would Wear

The Kyle Korver

The Forgot Something

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