It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, The Jones engage in an epic battle to draft their favorite television shows in the following categories: Comedy, Drama, Reality, Saturday Morning Cartoons, and Teen Drama. Find out which critically acclaimed comedy was left waiting in the Green Room, which defunct TV show Skeets scooped up for Drama, and which TBJ’er traded away his No. 1 Reality pick. All that, plus The Urban Fork channel, a dramatic “90210″ reenactment, and the theme song to “My Pet Monster.”

And, of course, play along, and tell us which channel you’d watch.


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Comments (94)

  1. Arrested Development was a STEAL

  2. Loving the Breaking Bad pick.

  3. Matty O is such a whiner. Its awesome.

  4. Thanks Sheldon. After the show I made the comment that even I was impressed at how much I whined during this episode.

  5. For urban comedy, I would go Fresh Prince over Cosby.

  6. You messed up the premise of the networks, it should be done like TBS where you syndicate the entire series and have various 2 hour blocks of programing. Repeat the block twice for 20 hours of daily programming, off air between 3am and 7 am.

  7. matt was irritating on this one

    comedy: 30 rock
    drama: the wire (goat)
    reality tv: polish big brother

  8. Game of Thrones!?!? No way.

  9. JD in a landslide thanks to Friday Night Lights wrecking every other teen drama. Not even close.

  10. Major Snubs:

    Fresh Prince….how was this show not even mentioned in the entire episode?? Tas, you should be ashamed. Only one of your shows is Urban.

    Saved by the Bell….classic teen show. The episode of Jesse Spano overdosing on caffeine pills is worth airing every single day.

    Dexter…should be up there for dramas. This will go down as a classic.

  11. Can’t believe no one picked The Simpsons in the comedy section. Clear #1 or #2.

  12. Best pick : Looney Toons. Well done, Tassos.

  13. Tas’ reenactment of Beverly Hills 90210 is amazing….

  14. How’d you know I was lonely right now Skeets?

  15. Winner: JD
    Reason: I’m 17
    My list:
    Comedy: Curb your Enthusiasm
    Drama: Lost ( an amazing 5 season run….)
    Reality: Amazing Race
    Teen Drama: The OC

  16. Deadwood = Dwayne Wade of this draft.

  17. JD wins easily just by taking FNL in Teen Drama. Easily should have been a top 5 drama pick, and I almost fast forwarded to the Teen Drama section just to make sure someone was smart enough to sneak it in there.

  18. I’m giving Matty-O the win in my books.
    Here’s my list of ones you didn’t include.

    Comedy: The Simpsons (only showing the good earlier seasons)
    Teen Drama: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (it counts!)
    Drama: Dexter
    Reality: Iron Chef (original Japanese version)
    Saturday Morning: X-Men (the Fox animated series from the 90′s – could just as easily go with Fox’s Spiderman)

  19. No Sons of Anarchy? Black Donnelly’s? Sunny in Philadelphia?

  20. JD wins the draft without question, mainly because of Bachelor Pad and FNL.

    My picks are as follows that weren’t said:
    Comedy: Friends
    Drama: Dexter
    Reality: American Idol
    Cartoon: Bobby’s World
    Teen Drama: Saved By the Bell

  21. Skeets with the pick of the draft with Pinky and the Brain, go watch youtube clips, the show was genius

  22. For picks not taken, I’m thinking I’d go:
    Comedy: South Park (Though about Parks & Rec, but bigger catalog)

    Drama: Justified

    Reality show: Top Shot (shit blows up in slow mo, count it) Thought about The Mole too. Good pick of Top Chef there Taco Trey.

    Saturday Morning Cartoon: X-Men (Again, Trey, killing it)

    Teen Drama: Veronica Mars (EPIC FNL snag by JD)

  23. For Matt:

    JD wins, hands down.

    My picks:
    Comedy: South Park
    Drama: The Wire
    Reality Show: The Crocodile Hunter
    Cartoon: Thunder Cats
    Teen Drama: 7th Heaven

    Comedy: Community, Scrubs, Party Down
    Drama: Six Feet Under, Dexter
    Reality Show: Real World or Road Rules (Pretty much invented the genre right?)
    Cartoon: N/a
    Teen Drama: IDGAF

  24. JD had the best channel by far. Tas’ one…. is shit.

    Here’s TV Mart made out of the 6th picks:

    The Simpsons(you can get an amazing line-up for one year)
    Star Trek: TNG(I’m a nerd but it’s also a great show)
    Real World/Road Rules Challenge(it’s almost a proper sports show)
    Scooby-Doo(eh why not, it’s ok)
    Smallville(not much to pick from in this one after Friday Night Lights but it’s about Superman so I guess it’s at least decent)

  25. Should also mention Top Gear as a snubbed reality show. That shit rules

  26. Leonardo leads, Donatello does machines…..

    Comedy: Arrested Development
    Reality: Chopped
    Teen Drama: Boy Meets World
    Sat Morn: TMNT
    Drama: Dexter

  27. I reaaaally want to give this one to Tas for the Game of Thrones pick – it’s going to go down as one of the best shows ever come two or three seasons from now.

    But Skeets team beats out the rest of the Urban Fork. Deadwood was a great steal.

    Anyway, my picks would be:

    Drama: Game of Thrones
    Comedy: Arrested Development
    Reality: Wipeout
    Morning Cartoon: Looney Tunes can’t be beat.
    Teen Drama: Happy Days – how can no one have picked this? Is it too much a comedy? If so, I guess I’ll go with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Fun show – and it totally counts – it is listed on Wikipedia’s teen drama entry. Thanks Tas!

  28. Step by Step was also on TGIF

  29. Also, Trey has the best channel

  30. Comedy – Arrested Development or Always Sunny in Philadelphia
    Drama – The Wire
    Cartoon – TMNT or XMEN
    Teen Drama – FNL
    Reality – No Reservation\ Adventures in HollyHood.

  31. No ‘Trailer Park Boys’? Aren’t you guys Canadian?

  32. No Always Sunny? No Dexter? No Buffy? So many Snubs…
    My list:
    Comedy: It’s always sunny in Philadelphia
    Drama: Dexter
    Reality Show: Hillbilly Handfish’
    Cartoon: Adventures of the Gummi Bears
    Teen Drama: Buffy

  33. Just realised what the right option for the reality slot is: An Idiot Abroad.

  34. No shit CDubs!

    The Simpsons peak was over twice as long as AD’s entire run (mind you AD is the clear #1 for this exercise). The Simpsons was the first comedy show to go rapid-fire jokes with no laugh track. What’s the deal with laugh tracks?

    Now the Simpsons has been lame for over a decade, and won’t earn you any cool points, but kind of odd to not even mention it on the draft board.

    (also Chappelle’s Show still holds up quite well – he was badly missed on television in recent years during the Michael Jackson and Tiger Woods mediasplosions)

  35. JD wins.

    My picks:

    Comedy: Modern Family (Arrested Development close second)
    Drama: House (hands down best character on TV)
    Reality: Deadliest Catch
    Saturday Morning Cartoon: Duck Tales
    Teen Drama: FNL (def with JD)

  36. Of the snubs:

    Drama: The West Wing
    Comedy: Party Down
    Cartoon: The Tick (slightly over Batman: The Animated Series)
    Teen Drama: Veronica Mars
    Reality: Jackass if it counts, Kenny v. Spenny if it doesn’t

  37. Trey’s is my favorite for two reasons: Mad Men and Top Chef. JD’s is dope though
    and my picks:

    Comedy: if Community had more season, I’d go with that, but I’m going to stick with How I Met Your Mother

    Drama: Mad Men, hands down

    Reality: Deadliest Warrior? No? Okay, I’ll go with No Reservations

    Cartoon: Freakazoid! and I’m probably the only one who watched it, though I loved the X-Men series

    Teen Drama: fuck it, I’m going with Boy Meets World

  38. all great channels, kind of!
    my picks:
    drama: the wire, duh
    comedy: misfits (uk) its not really just a comedy but its awesome, go check it out!
    cartoon: i want to go with robot chicken which is only kind of a cartoon though… family guy isn’t saturday morning material.. gonna go with sabre rider! classic 90ies cartoon action!
    reality: i’m gonna trade this for a sports program which shows classic nba games, i really really hate reality tv.
    teen drama: skins (uk)! geez you guys should really watch more uk television! (no i’m not from GB).

    i would really like to find a spot for house, californication or dexter, or maybe boardwalk empire but well… fun blank jones episode btw!

  39. Skeets mentions Twin Peaks at the beginning of the episode but it goes unmentioned afterward so I’m guessing he was joking—I think it’s a fantastic show, though, and definitely a snub. There are some solid sci-fi shows to choose from as well but its pretty tough to pick any of those since they’d all probably be considered dramas in this draft.

  40. Drama: The Shield second only behind The Wire.

    Reality: Man vs Wild, Survivor Man, Deadliest Catch

    Cartoon: Dragonball Z – Goku for the win

  41. Tas Wins. Even though how in the world do you have a show about dragons on the urban fork?

    My picks
    drama: the wire greatest show ever
    comedy: fresh prince of bel air. disappointing tas didnt pick this
    cartoon: pinky and the brain. very underrated show
    Reality: 106 and park
    teen drama: boy meets world

  42. JD wins in a landslide
    Matt gets honorable mention

  43. I know a nerd-check when I hear one…

    The guy with the long neck in He-Man was named Mekaneck. I am not proud of myself.

  44. Eastbound and Down is a definite snub IMO

  45. Guys, here’s a chart of what I gathered while listening at the office here:

    I don’t watch a LOT of television shows during November – June (NBA anyone?), but I’m going to have to go with JD, because I could re-watch Arrested Development constantly, and was about to start watching Breaking Bad… love Game of Thrones tho!

  46. Even with He-Man, I gotta go with Matty O.

    My picks
    Comedy: The Simpsons
    Drama: The Wire
    Reality: Hell’s Kitchen
    Saturday Morning: Scooby Doo
    Teen Drama: Degrassi, The Next Generation

  47. Trey wins since he has Mad Men and Top Chef!

    My picks
    Comedy: The Office (USA)
    Drama: Mad Men
    Reality: Real Housewives Franchise
    Teen Drama: The OC
    Cartoon: School House Rock

  48. @Paul M– You are so right and you should be VERY proud of yourself. Mekaneck would’ve made me pee my pants too.

  49. I’m 27.

    Drama: The Wire
    Comedy: The Simpsons
    Reality: Real World/Road Rules Challenge
    Teen Drama: Friday Night Lights
    Cartoon: Batman: The Animated Series

  50. JD wins

    Biggest snubs
    The Shield: My #2 drama only behind The Wire
    The Simpsons: My #1 comedy, you could easily pick 22 great episodes
    Veronica Mars: Listen to JD, 1st season is great
    Sopranos: Should have made it over Game of Thrones, but all drama picks were good.

    My Picks
    Comedy: The Simpsons
    Drama: The Wire
    Reality: Top Chef
    Teen Drama: Freaks and Geeks
    Cartoon: Animaniacs

    Also, Louie and Community both could make it on this list a couple years down the road.

  51. JD wins, just for taking breaking bad. honourable mention to Trey for the larry sanders show.

    my picks…

    comedy: south park. i’d take the simpsons if i could forget the last decade-plus of mediocrity, but i can’t. seinfeld and the young ones not far behind.

    drama: lost. screw everyone who hated season 6. if american gothic or carnivale had lasted a bit longer, they could’ve been contenders. and breaking bad will probably be the choice in a year or two.

    reality: top gear if its allowed, the amazing race or deadliest catch otherwise (yes, 3 picks).

    saturday morning: samurai pizza cats.

    teen drama: buffy, though it could also slot into drama.

  52. My picks:

    Comedy – Community
    Drama – The X-Files
    Reality – Real World/Road Rules Challenge
    Teen Drama – Friday Night Lights
    Cartoon – Cowboy Bebop

    I’ve got Star Trek stuff I really want, Better Off Ted, Louie, Mad Men, Lost among other shows I wish I could have too.

  53. JD wins for sure.

    My picks:

    Comedy: Modern Family (Arrested Development close second)
    Drama: House (best character on tv)
    Reality: Deadliest Catch
    Teen Drama: FNL (great pick JD)
    Saturday Morning Cartoon: Duck Tales

  54. Disappointed that Chappelle Show, Dexter, and Trailer Park Boys went without any mention at all! I like House too but Drama is stacked.

    BTW I agree with JD, Breaking Bad will likely top The Wire for me.
    I really need to watch Mad Men and Sopranos I think too.

  55. I barely watch any new TV shows, so I don’t even know about half the crap you guys picked. Trey gets my vote for the Larry Sanders Show

    Comedy: Martin

    Drama: Star Trek: The Original Series

    Reality: I don’t like it, and I don’t watch it, so the closest thing I could think of: WWF’s Saturday Night Main Event (like most reality shows, wrestling is scripted and fake, but appears to be real)

    Saturday Morning Cartoon: Laff-A-Lympics

    Teen Drama: Saved By The Bell

    Also, I recall watching He-Man after school and not on Saturday mornings…

  56. I gotta go with J.D. here for 1st and Tas a close second.

    My picks:
    Comedy: Community
    Drama: Breaking Bad
    Reality Show: Pawn Stars
    Cartoon: Thunder Cats
    Teen Drama: FNL

  57. I’m actually watching the Urban Fork right now.

    Comedy – Curb Your Enthusiasm (Current, long running, and hilarious. Easy pick)
    Drama – How to make it in America (only 8 episodes but still great)
    Reality – Rob and Big
    Cartoon – Pokemon
    Teen Drama – Smart Guy (it is a drama!)

  58. Comedy: Get Smart- BAM! Just blew your mind. Nah just kidding, Arrested Development.
    Drama: Sopranos. Despite the terrible ending. Or Dexter.
    Reality: No Reservations – The Lou Reed of Cuisine…No Iron Chef? Pawn Stars?
    Cartoon: Ren and Stimpy – It would freak out the kiddies. Although I’d try and argue for The Muppets in this category.
    Teen Drama: Saved by the freaking bell people! Heartbreak High, Australians would know what I’m talking about, rollerblading, hanging out at the surf club, bad 90′s hair cuts= The Shiz
    Or Skins. Not the shit american one, which is basically just a more recent, sexed up, not as funny Freaks and Geeks.

    You guys should have added a miscellaneous pick. Or another category.
    Like quiz/gameshow. -Nevermind The Buzzcocks

    Will you take Saturday Night Live as a reality show? Maybe…No? I thought not.
    I guess everyone hates 30 rock. And Absolutely Fabulous.

    Based on what I’d watch more of – Matt wins.

  59. Without detailed analysis, I would say that J.D. has the strongest lineup over all.

    I don’t want to post a full roster here, but I just have to say that I was very disappointed that Monty Python’s Flying Circus or the great Kids in the Hall didn’t get any acknowledgement in the comedy category. The same goes for Deadliest Catch in the reality slot.

  60. Tas wins, AGOT is going to get even better, take it from someone who’s a huuuuuuge fan of the book series ;)

  61. JD wins hands down

    Comedy – Arrested Development, this choice was super hard, with great shows like 30 rock, Community, Parks and Rec and Archer

    Drama – Lost

    Reality – Man Vs. Food

    Teen Drama – Smallville

    Cartoon – Batman: The animated Series

    Channel Dork

  62. Let’s go All-Underrated :

    Comedy: Cheers

    Drama: Weeds

    Reality: Kenny vs Spenny

    Teen Drama: Degrassi Jr High

    Cartoon: Astro Boy

  63. for the record:

    “splinter taught them to be a ninja team,
    leonardo leads, donatello does machines,
    raphael is cool but rude,
    michaelangelo is a part dude (cowabunga).”

  64. Comedy: South Park. Can’t believe it didn’t get picked.
    Drama: The Wire, and if you picked individual seasons instead of the full series 1-4 should have all gone in the top 5.
    Teen Drama: Never really got into any of the 90210/Dawson’s Creek type shows, so we’ll go Saved By the Bell
    Reality: Survivor is a good choice and more respectable, but I would say RW/RR challenge just for the entertainment factor. It’s basically a less nature-y Survivor with drinking, fighting, and sex.
    Saturday Morning Cartoon: Ghostbusters, there is no right answer here, it is just a personal choice of nostalgia.

  65. JD is the winner!! My picks:

    comedy – simpsons

    reality – survivor

    teen drama – smallville

    drama – breaking bad

    sat. morning cartoon – astroboy

  66. I would’ve picked Matt’s channel but he was very un-chill at the start of the show so I’m going to pick JD’s channel.

  67. My picks:

    Comedy – The Simpsons
    Reality – Survivor
    Teen Drama – Degrassi: The New Generation
    Drama – The Wire
    Sat. Morning Cartoon – X-Men: The Animated Series

  68. Shalom Matt,

    From a fellow Jew, stop being such a little bitch.

    JD is the winner.

  69. Can’t believe that Tas didn’t pick the best urban comedy of all time : Chappelle’s Show.

    Tas: You could have drafted the racial draft…instead you’re stuck with the Huxtables

  70. Not one single snub call for “Flight of the Conchords”? Weak.

  71. COPS was a great cartoon, and Chappelle show is f’in genius!

  72. Comedy: How I Met Your Mother
    Drama: How To Make It In America
    Reality: Basketball Wives
    Teen Drama: The OC
    Saturday Morning Cartoon: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

  73. Flight of the conchords early stand up was much better than their show.

    Anyone remember the cartoon M.A.S.K.? Had a character who was basically just doing a bad John Wayne impersonation the entire time. Highly underated.

    Also, how has nobody even mentioned “Oz” !?
    Captain Planet!!! Ah to be young again…

    I still think you needed one more miscellaneous pick.

  74. BLAZE TV

    My picks:

    Comedy – South Park
    Reality – Project Runway
    Teen Drama – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Drama – Sparticus
    Sat. Morning Cartoon – Smurfs

  75. Matt wins, then Trey.

    Reality: Storage Wars
    Cartoon: the Tick
    Drama: the Wire
    Comedy: Everybody Loves Raymond
    Teen Drama: Buffy

  76. DTF Network (my initials)
    Comedy: South Park (best cartoon ever)
    Drama: Prison Break (1st season)
    Reality: Amazing Race (forgot about it)
    Cartoon: Bobby’s World (come on!)
    Teen Drama: Degrassi (meh)
    Snubs: Fresh Prince, Walking Dead, Top Shot/Man vs Food, Phineas/Ferb
    My choice: Tas (Cosby, AR, LT)

    You guys should have done a snake draft. Fantasy Draft Jones in the works? Record comments too

  77. MADA TV

    Comedy: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
    Drama: Dexter
    Reality: Fear Factor (I don’t know)
    Cartoon: Batman: The Animated Series
    Teen Drama: Saved By The Bell (It was quite dramatic at times… e.g. Jesse’s pill addiction: “I’m so excited… I’m so excited… I’m so scared.”)

  78. Comedy: Louie
    Drama: Breaking Bad
    Teen Drama: The O.C.
    Cartoon: Arthur
    Reality: MILF ISLAND

    honorable mentions Seinfeld,Lost,30 Rock, Modern Family,The Office. Matt Osten wins by the way has a great taste in TV also a legend

  79. I can’t believe nobody had “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” on their list for comedy. That for me is the biggest snub in this draft. That show had me rolling on the couch coz my sides hurt for laughing so hard.

    Also would you guys consider WWE RAW as drama? It’s the soap opera for real men. They will blow every show out of the water if you picked it and ran with the Attitude Era.

    Trey Kerby’s channel gets my pick just for having TMNT. :D

  80. Comedy: Louie. While I’m loath to give up the title to a show with only two seasons under its belt, it’s just really fucking funny. And its laughs aren’t cheap. Community and Curb come in second and third place respectively.
    Reality: A Shot at Love w/Tila Tequila. Reality TV isn’t good unless it’s trashy. This compels me to put this shitfest up top, over legit contenders like Mantracker/Survivorman or No Reservations.
    Teen Drama: Veronica Mars. No competition IMO, at least for the first two seasons. Intricate, well-plotted, clued in–this show knows what it wants to do it and achieves it nearly perfectly.
    Saturday Morning Cartoon: Justice League Unlimited. This or Adventure Time, but there’s something basic and fun about watching superheroes on a Saturday morning.
    Drama: Terriers. Kinda like Veronica Mars, knows its scope and works great within it. Mi ght expose a not insignificant bias towards detective shows on my part, though, which owns.

  81. Skeets TV All Day!!!

    Comedy: Chapelle’s Show
    Reality: Flavor of Love
    Teen Drama: Smallville
    Drama: The Wire (Seasons 4 and 5)
    Cartoon: Arthur

  82. Winner: JD (even with effin bachelor pad)
    My Picks:
    Comedy: Arrested Development (or 30 Rock or modern family. hard category)
    Drama: House (Dexter’s recent sucked hard)
    Cartoon: The Weekenders
    Reality: So you think you can dance biatch
    Teen Drama: Boy meets world (don’t care what you say)

  83. Anyone ever heard of The Simpsons? Damn! I would put the best 24 episodes of the Simpsons up against the best 24 episodes of any other comedy. What an oversight.

  84. Comedy: Scrubs
    Drama: Lost
    Reality: The Great Food Truck Race
    Teen Drama: Veronica Mars
    Saturday Morning Cartoon: GI Joe

  85. Dear viewer picks…

    Trey Kerby !

    the best mixed shows that are suiting me

  86. Days behind…

    JD has a great channel but I’m going with Skeets for the surprise Deadwood pick.

    For me, The Simpsons is the biggest snub (though you can burn everything after Season 8 – though Season 9 had it’s moments…any double digit season isn’t worthy of being recognized as the same show). South Park is great, but it has no heart like the early Simpsons episodes. Flight of the Conchord’s first season is classic, but the 2nd isn’t on the same level.

  87. JD wins, my picks are

    Comedy: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (Big bang theory close second other honorable mentions go out to community and Yes Minister/Primeminister)
    Drama: House (second choice would be criminal minds or doctor who)
    Reality: Storage Wars (Second choice would be Jeopardy and wipeout)
    Cartoon: Dragonball Z (I loved watching this show!)
    Teen Drama: The Buried Life (I think this counts as a teen drama, its on MTV)

  88. Oh wow. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to comment before. But now?

    Comedy – Arrested Development
    Drama – Firefly
    Reality – I was gonna pull one out of left field and go with Mythbusters (it’s on the Wikipedia list), but what about Hard Knocks or The Association?
    Teen Drama – Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Cartoon – Adventure Time

  89. Anybody else just thoroughly enjoy JD muttering “son a bitch” everytime somebody picked a show he wanted?

  90. I’m going Skeets. Deadwood – some of the best dialogue ever on television.

    I’m going to try something different. Inspired by the FIBA tournies – the last hoops I may see for a really long time – I give you the All Foreign TV Draft.

    COMEDY: Faulty Towers
    DRAMA: Forbrydelsen (the original Killing)
    REALITY: Takeshi’s castle (also known as Most Extreme Challenge or MXC – youtube that and try not to laugh)
    TEEN DRAMA: Heartbreak High
    CARTOON: Star Blazers

  91. About Game of thrones : as I read the books, Trey is gonna be happy as it’s not getting more magical but more head cutting by humans.
    Dpn’t forget you could be spoilers as you have listeners on the other side of the Atlantic :-p

    BattleStar Galactica is the best drama ever, period. It’s a shame none of you picked it up ;-)

  92. Comedy: South Park
    Drama: Star Trek Next Gen
    Reality: Survivor Man
    Teen Drama: Wonder Years
    Cartoon: Doug

  93. Comedy: Top Gear UK (I dont know if it qualifies as comedy but I’ll take it) or Colbert Report
    Drama: Breaking Bad or Prison Break
    Reality: Amazing Race
    Teen Drama: Boy Meets World
    Cartoon: Looney Toons

  94. I know this is over a year old, but I just started listening to TBJ on the daily and i’m trying to catch up, so here’s my channel.

    Comedy: Parks and Recreation
    Drama: The West Wing
    Reality: The Real World
    Teen Drama: The O.C. (with Saved by the Bell a close second)
    Cartoon: The Fairly Oddparents

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