Ha ha. Classic intern jokes right here. “Get me a coffee, Blake Griffin.” — these nerds

Pretty good first outing for Funny or Die intern Blake Griffin, sorta obvious but still some laughsies. Really happy for him that he met Hollywood bigwig Will Ferrell and that he is going to produce his Internet video script. Seems like things are really looking up for him. Finally.

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  1. I like Blake Griffin a lot more now….this almost makes up for the posterization he gave to my nice Russian buddy Timofey who was just trying his hardest to play basketball and didn’t deserve that humiliation.

  2. holy phuck FOD is so bad… Did anyone even smirk at all during this whole dreadful video?

  3. get this troll taz b outta here

  4. I thought it was funny ,the bubble wrap scene was hilarious

  5. Blake is crazy if anyone ever did this kinda stuff to me they would die.
    and im not even a spoiled celebrity lol thats what funny!! :)

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