Are you tired of dominating your pickup league where you play with a bunch of old guys who are school administrators? Have you won too many rec league championships and are looking for a new challenge? Can you beat your dad one-on-one pretty much every single time?

Then maybe you are cut out to be a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ D-League team. But maybe not. There’s only one way to find out, and that’s by going to the open tryout the Canton team (formerly the New Mexico Thunderbirds) on October 6. From

The Cavaliers are holding open tryouts in both Cleveland and Canton for men interested in trying out for the team’s new Development League team which begins play in Canton this fall.

The Cleveland tryout is Saturday, Oct. 8 and continues on Sunday, Oct. 9 at St. Ignatius. The Canton tryout is Saturday, Oct. 15 and continues on Sunday, Oct. 16 at Canton Fieldhouse. Participants must be available to participate on both days. Anyone who makes the cut will be invited to the D-League team’s training camp.

All applicants must be eligible to play in the NBA D-League and should pre-register by Oct. 6 for the Cleveland tryouts or Oct. 13 for the Canton tryouts by submitting the official registration forms and a $150 fee. The fee increases to $200 at the door on-site at the tryouts. Information about the tryouts, registration forms and payment options and instructions are available online at or at the Canton team office located inside the Canton Memorial Civic Center.

“The open tryout process is an important part of our launch and a good way to evaluate additional talent on the court,” Canton General Manager Wes Wilcox said. “It will be a great opportunity for players to make their case for an invitation to our training camp.”

This is a really great opportunity, TBJers. Not only is this a good way to break in to professional basketball, the Cavs are so bad that you might even be able to sneak your way in to the NBA. Cleveland’s made 11 callups from the D-League in the past 10 seasons, so there is a legitimate chance that you might get the nod when Baron Davis suffers his inevitable injury (not really). At the very least, you’ll get to experience the finest things that Canton has to offer. Like, for instance, the Pro Football Hall of Fame and maybe something else.

So get your shoes ready and your game also ready (good inspirational speech, you’re welcome) and head down to the tryout. If one of you guys can’t make the Cavs’ D-League team, then I guess there’s no hope for any of us.