What started as a charity basketball tournament in Toronto ended as an epic grudge match between Arcade Fire’s Win Butler and San Antonio Spurs forward Matt Bonner. Find out who won, who lost, and who dunked on a girl.


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  1. Guys, please post some more videos of the event! :) Pretty please? With the lockout and all, and the summer leagues being rare these days we need this – I mean seriously we need this!

  2. Nice pass, Skeets.

  3. KD, dig up the only video from the event that I found on Youtube and you’ll see a crossover-behind the back pass from Skeets… The quality is awfull but I’m pretty sure that was Skeets and that was the play.

    That is why we need more vids from you guys, Youtube won’t cut it.

  4. Dude, Skeets, between the handles and the great savvy pass at 1:30, you show up well…. You look like the unselfish kind of players it’s good to have on a team.

    Tas is all hustle, no highlights, ‘tho….. ;)

  5. ooooh man i was there and thats pretty much how it went down.

    except JD you gotta include the dunks matt bonner did!!! everyone was like “whaaaa?”

  6. Can’t believe my three bombs didn’t make the cut. You guys will just have to trust me that they happened.

  7. @Breyzh – you’re totally right, although I didn’t play in this tournament.

  8. @Trey
    Sure, they did

  9. The way Trey’s bombs didn’t make the cut…. I’m beginning to think that Bonner’s dunks not being in the video are also a bit… “yeah right”

  10. Matt Bonner is awesome

  11. We’ve gotta get Bonner back on the Raptors. As a team we need to be funnier.

  12. damn Bonner got pissed. when he retires, recruit him. then you can call it The Bonner-Jones while still keeping the acronym

  13. Man … i miss matt bonner.. that guy is the best..

  14. saw Matt at the queen street west arts crawl on Sunday…didn’t wanna bother him as he was with his fam.

    Bonner for Mayor!

  15. Hey…. doesn’t the short Matt look like a long lost twin-brother of the tall Matt….?

  16. Congratulations on running a Canadian charity basketball game that didn’t include Justin Bieber.

  17. Looks like Win was…ready to start

  18. The guy’s name is “Win”……Bonner never had a chance.

  19. My brother used to make win butler cry in Sarah lawrence intramural basketball games. Dude did not like getting blocked.

  20. That was a goddamn bullet pass by Skeets into the post. (at least it looked like him)

  21. Good to see Nick and Spencer their. Bonner only friends with tall guys lol

    Bonner For Mayor! Get that campaign going.

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