That’s one way to get people to stop making fun of you for saying “Not five, not six, not seven…,” by making the jokes yourself. Of course, the best way to shut the haterz up would be to win a title. But for now, a McDonald’s commercial isn’t a bad way to go.

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  1. He cried after the director yelled “Cut”.

  2. I want free fries!

  3. That guy is really sad, with all his “please, love me haters” behavior…

  4. I think he’s doing a good job of repairing his image, the bad guy role really isn’t him.

  5. Aw, I thought they were going to go with a onion rings joke.

  6. Love the haters.
    “He takes himself too seriously! He’s just a bad dude!”
    Does stuff like this
    “Come on, who does he think he’s fooling.”
    This is exactly the kind of thing he has to do to repair his image. Unfortunately, it isn’t going to work because the people who hate him are hopeless.

  7. “love the haterS” pffft only one guy made a negative comment. Sounds like you were ready to defend lebron no matter what anybody said in the comments.

  8. @Nintendo
    Dude, he should just shut the f up, like a lot of people suggest, especially when it comes to those stupid quotes he had in the past. Let people forget, don’t remind them how much of an asshat you are by poking fun at yourself.
    Also, never heared him say he regreted it. It would be very different if it wasn’t in the context of a commercial.

  9. Lebron doesn’t get it nor will he ever get it.

  10. First three takes:”Okay, Lebron that was good, it seems like you’re getting your lines right. This last one should do it.”

    The fourth? You guessed it. Fail, big time.

  11. When people make LeBron 4th quarter jokes are they only refering to the finals, right?

    There’s no doubt that he disappeared and was invisible out there against Dallas. But he was straight killing Boston and Chicago. I’m a bron fan, but i just wonder if they apply that 4th quarter shrinking to his whole career, which wouldn’t be right.

  12. @Andy

    “When people make LeBron 4th quarter jokes are they only refering to the finals, right?”

    Ultimately, 4th quarter heroics only count in the finals, that’s when it matters.

    It’s like some kid flunking senior year of high school, but demanding a diploma because he got great grades in the 10th and 11th.

  13. because he doesnt have enough money now he has to sell us mcdonalds

  14. All of Lebron u haters are f****** ridiculous. The guy made 1 negative comment is it really that bad. He left cleveland big whoop. I would leave to if I was on a sucky team. So all of u haters back off because I bet alot of u can’t even make jumpshots let alone make layups.

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