The song is called “Imaginarme.” The main guy singing is Probly Pablo. The vocals are heavily Auto-Tuned. Other than that, your guess is as good as mine about what is happening here. Despite three years of high school Spanish, pretty much the only word I remember is bolĂ­grafo, so I’m no help.

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  1. Damn! Carlos Arroyo IS Miami… like literally, the dude is the very incarnation of Miami.

    We should have kept him, if only for this.

  2. @Bigdog: Damn right!!! I really don’t know how Bibbi is a better choice…

  3. Well, the fans booing every other PG who would be on the floor was pretty much a great reason for the team to trade him… You’re not gonna play him 20 minutes a night anyway, so fans are gonna get pissed. And he was very unneffective, although Bibby proved to be worse.

    I understand what you mean ‘tho (Miami being actually the only major city I ever visited in the US), but it couldn’t be helped. It had to happen sooner or later.
    Bibby was a bad bet. They should find a way to get their hands on Barea (efficient, unselfish, Porto Rican, spectacular PG).

  4. How is carlos arroyo gonna make a music vid without any fiery puerto rican babes…didn’t he learn anything from pitbull

  5. He sings about God in heaven, and how he purifies him/ his body, and how he doesn’t want to be apart from him, and stuff…

    You’re welcome.


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