Will Smith is the most loved movie star of our generation. Just ask Bill Simmons. Ever since the days of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Smith’s been the kind of guy who can make the world care about an animated bluestreak cleaner wrasse to the tune of $367 million and the No. 1 movie in America. That’s box office power, friends. Add to that two Academy Awards best actor nominations, 12 million records sold and two No. 1 records and it becomes obvious that Will Smith is one of the biggest stars in the history of modern cinema, television and radio.

With that in mind, it’s not surprising that Greg Oden would be a huge Will Smith fan. However, it’s still pretty funny to hear Oden talk about how big of a Will Smith fan he really is. From an interview with the Third Floor Network, as transcribed by Blazer’s Edge:

“Mr. Smith, Will, my name is Greg Oden, I went to The Ohio State University and I try to play basketball,” Oden says. “But I am your biggest fan. I have all your albums. And I know them all by heart. Literally. I just wanted to say that went to the Karate Kid premiere but I was too scared to walk up to you.”

To be fair, I feel like this is how all of us would be if we were encountered Will Smith. No matter how much you want to, odds are you’d be way to nervous to tell Will Smith that you and one of your best friends used to do the “Jump On It” dance at 2am three nights a week during college, even if you are a 7-foot center who was once the first overall draft pick in the NBA draft and attended a university that had a guy named Will Smith playing for their football team. Greg Oden’s famous, but Will Smith is FAMOUS.

Of course, Greg could just join the Will Smith Fan Club and call it a day. Way less awkward than trying to work up the courage to engage Big Willie Style in a conversation about why “Wild Wild West” is rapped entirely in character until the end where he ad-libs “Big Will, Dru Hill, uh.” That’s a hard discussion to have.

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  1. I thought it must have been a clever, ironic comment, but the disarming sincerity in the video says otherwise.

    So clearly what has happened is that Greg Oden was somehow frozen in the mid 90′s, perhaps by an avalanche, and was only recently thawed. He only has memories of Six Degrees of Separation and Smith’s early comedic endeavors, and isn’t yet aware of his narcissistic reinvention into chiseled, displanted, and confused 80′s action star and occasional shameless oscar chaser. His ice coma spared him from the countless sequels to movies that were bad in the first place. He obviously never had to see Smith start taking himself way too seriously in both music and acting. He clearly missed Pursuit of Happyness, Bad Boys I and II, Welcome to Miami, and Independence Day. For Oden, it’s like Smith and Michael Bay never even met.
    Since he has apparently seen Karate Kid, Oden must see that Smith is trying to make his son into a displanted 80′s action star as well and he must notice that Smith is relentlessly forcing an army of show biz kid Smiths down the publics throats, but somehow Oden is OK with it. A new theory is necessary for this conundrum. Perhaps something to do with pain medication.

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