According to some incomplete leaked NBA 2K12 ratings, the answer is yes. According to Tas Melas, the answer is no way. But since Tas isn’t a powerful video game designer for a massive electronics company, I guess the answer is yes.

As you can see in this video that purports to be leaked screenshots of the rosters of each and every NBA team — and according to Real 2K Insider, who lovingly compiled every team’s roster as completely as possible — Jason Collins comes in at an overall rating of 45. That’s lower than Theo Ratliff’s 47, Matt Bonner’s surprisingly low 50 and Johan Petro’s laughably high 52. I think we can all agree that even though he is totally useless in half of the game, doesn’t rebound all that much and takes horrible headshots, Jason Collins is still a lot better than Johan Petro, unless we are talking about a tall head-having contest, in which case Johan Petro is the NBA’s best. Just the fact that he’s one of the few guys who can slow up Dwight Howard should be enough to make him not the lowest rated player in the game.

Of course, these rankings are incomplete, don’t include rookies and could be subject to an update before NBA 2K12 releases October 4, so it’s kind of whatever at this point. Besides, Jason Collins isn’t even the worst Collins twin in the NBA. Jarron will just be happy to make it in the game.

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  1. The Real 2K Insider here
    Collins hasn’t dropped in rating, he is merely the victim of a formula change. 2K hasn’t edited Collins’ rating in years. I rate him about 10 points higher than they do. He is still one of the lowest rated players in the game due to his total lack of an offensive game and allergen to rebounding, but his post defense isn’t recognized nearly enough.

    On the Bonner note all PF/C that are 3pt shooters have absurdly lower ratings than they deserve. A PF/C with 99 3pt rating would only gain 2 overall points, which is STUPID because a PF/C with that kind of shooting ability would be one of the greatest players of all-time (for reference see Nowitzki, Dirk). Bonner’s rating at C is even lower than at PF because he doesn’t rebound or block shots.

    2K’s rating system is flawed and has been flawed for years. It’s a shame they haven’t taken these obvious steps to fix it because I’m sure it wouldn’t take very long to implement.

  2. how is Luke Walton not the worst player in the NBA? the guy cant move.

  3. I have been told his overall rating goes up 15 points when he plays the Magic.

  4. As a Magic fan I can say this is utterly absurd. He’s not even the worst player on the Hawks let alone in the NBA.

  5. I am shocked that Matt Bonner is a 50 too. He is worth at least a 60. I mean the system has to be somewhat flawed consideriing it had Troy Murphy at 63.

  6. “Just the fact that he’s one of the few guys who can slow up Dwight Howard should be enough to make him not the lowest rated player in the game.”

    Kerby Taco if you mean slow up by grabbing by the neck, shoulders, arms, and flopping and fouling every other possession, yea then you have a point /u dont have a point

  7. btw, lowest rated in the game is Brian Scalabrine @ 40

  8. Alcatraz, basketball players from 13 countries battled each other one-on-one to prove their worth on the court.

  9. as a hawks fan, i can say that there are definitely worse players on his team, let alone the entire nba

  10. He just said he was gay….so he is the worst player in the nba.


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