And that’s the first prototype. No, not really. I made this in Photoshop, sillyhead.

But you have to imagine it’ll end up something like this — excessive Rocawear branding, a callout to “Watch the Throne” and some kind of overfancy font just like when Diddy designed the Mavericks’ alternate jerseys. Plus, random stripes seem to be pretty big in the Rocawear fall line, of which Jay is assumedly still involved with as head of product development. The No. 99 as the jersey number is just the coup de grâce, referencing one of his biggest singles ever.

I think this can work, as long as the Brooklyn Nets are willing to look like a Euroleague team in the name of making a splash. If not, I guess Jay-Z will have finally found his hundredth problem.

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  1. all black everything?

    Also, I say putting simply BK on the road jersey like Hawks does the ATL

  2. If you have to wear them shits, I feel bad for you son…

    Nice design, Trey. I always thought jerseys could use more reflective surfaces.

  3. Dwight Howard will look good in that jersey /idiots all across the USA

  4. haha, if they’re winning I bet New Yorkers will be happy to wear them.

  5. co-designed by Maison Martin Margiela

  6. Yeah, that looks and sounds about right

  7. Great jersey. Ranks up there with the 1971 Hawks uni.

  8. If you have to wear them shits, I feel bad for you son…

  9. In hindsight, it’s funny that the ACTUAL Nets jersey is the complete opposite of everything this guy had in mind…

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