It’s the summer. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, we discuss our trip to NYC to attend the Blogs With Balls sports conference. Who won an award? Who puked? Who was guilty of cross-border smuggling? And who is starting a second career as a “savage bodyguard?” All that, plus Deadspin karaoke, Kobayashi, and Aziz Ansari. See you next time, Empire State!

BONUS: Click here for a photo of our USMAP Muppets


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Comments (9)

  1. This had to be one of my favorites if not the best of the summer thus far. Nice work gentleman. Viva Cuban Pete!

  2. oh you guys were overmilking “Kobayashi, great guy” but then I was sure the robot would say that and he didn’t!!

  3. awesome.. as always. pedro cubano ftw. congrats for the award guys! well deserved.
    stay frosty

  4. Cuban Pete
    Savage bodyguard
    That should be damned

    These made this [Blank] Jones the best ever.
    Also : “I could get used to this”.
    Me too… You guys should keep up the [Blank] Jones even after the lockout.

    It’s just brilliant.

  5. Matt Osten is … The Savage Bodyguard

  6. Wait, why were you bringing cigars from the US to Canada? Aren’t Cuban cigars available in CA?

  7. i agree with Breyzh – even once (if?) the season starts, you should still keep doing the blank jones.

  8. @Norb: Don’t ask.

  9. You know what? I already listened to it a second time.
    “You aint gettin no blood on a white suit!”

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