Last season, Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph really hit things off. After a successful 2009-10 season, the two girthy Grizzlies got things going in the 2011 playoffs, pounding the Spurs inside and leading Memphis to their first ever postseason series victory. Both skilled and both huge, the duo became a perfect match for one another, with Zach handling the majority of the scoring duties, both of them rebounding and Marc doing random Gasol things, including but not limited to growing a beard. In a guard-oriented league, it was pretty chill to see two post dudes running things.

And that’s why Zach wants to keep things going, even if him and Marc aren’t playing in the NBA. From the Memphis Commercial Appeal:

Asked what he planned to do if the regular season doesn’t start on time, Randolph said he’ll attempt to join whatever team center Marc Gasol plays for.

“I’m going to wait and see what’s going on Nov. 1,” Randolph said. “That’s when I’ll make a decision. And then I’m going to see what Marc is doing. I’d like to go wherever he goes. I’d want to talk to him and stick with my big fella.”

Awwwwww, that’s adorable. No wonder these guys complement each other so well. With that kind of devotion, it must be easy to co-exist even though both of them could be the main big guy for a good team.

It’s also kind of scary for whatever team these two guys might end up playing for. There aren’t always huge, bruising big guys in international play, and most teams certainly don’t have two they can play together. If the Gasol-Randolph can be that successful in the NBA, just think how dominant they could be overseas.

Not to mention, can you imagine the hilarity that would come from Zach Randolph inhabiting some foreign country and having to figure out how to live there? I hope this happens just for the jokes alone.

(via HoopsHype)