Gheorghe Muresan loves fishing

You’re probably wondering what Gheorghe Muresan has been up to since he retired in 2000. Well, here it is.

From Libertatea, via Google Translate:

“I love to fish. This summer I spent a few weeks holiday home in Florida and came to fish in the Gulf of Mexico on the boat to a friend. We had a great time, but I lost no time in vain. I have caught something,” said Ghita Muresan us.

Skeets raises a good question — how big is that fish? Gheorghe is 7-foot-7 and it still looks huge. Did he catch some sort of miniature whale? Wouldn’t surprise me.

Comments (6)

  1. You want to smell like me?

  2. Dude, that fish is huge relatively to Muresan. The fucking thing must be 1m/more than 3 feet.

  3. a speckled trout that size would win a fishing tournament for sure.

  4. Score one for the kids!

  5. I guess there won’t be any more Jaws sequels…

  6. That is a very, very nice fish! But, looks to be a striped bass and not a speckled trout.

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