(Note: Some NSFW language)

I’m not going to try to tell you that Jamario Moon is a good rapper, but he sounds decent, like a sub-Project Pat peripheral Three 6 Mafia affiliate. Plus, J-Lunar is a great rap name for a guy with the last name Moon, and he seems to be having a wonderful time rapping because he’s smiling the entire video. Works for me.

(via Ridiculous Upside)

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  1. it’s like the NBA is trolling the music industry.

  2. At least he didn’t rap about basketball or how great he is at it. It seems like that’s the only thing basketball-cum-rappers ever rap about. So I applaud J-Lunar for stepping out of the typical basketball rapper cliche and rapping instead about sex.

  3. You seen those eyes?!?

    Just how stoned are those guys?

  4. Ew… Horrible beat. He raps decent enough tho.

  5. I always thought Three Six Mafia would be a good nickname for Miami heat due to uniform numbers. I specifically like how it leaves out Bosh.

  6. If I’m an NBA owner this is exhibit A on why players don’t deserve more money in this revenue split

  7. OMG 0:24 = Andrew Bynum !

  8. Sry 0:23 = Andrew Bynum ~ seriously look at it is like a 5ft9 bynum

  9. how is it that you can work so hard to come up out of the hood just to go back to the hood w/ this tasteless depiction of the place you call home,. don’t you get it man ??? you made it out ! once again forrest gump’s mother is right. ” stupid is what stupid does” you disgrace yourself and your communtity son. next !!. and by the way hating aint got nothing to do with you being stupid.

    • Confuse you said it all. Why this fool felt the need to degrade himself like that is beyond ….me his wife and daughter must be disappointed and should go into hiding……….silly Moon

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