Just yesterday, the world had us convinced that Jason Collins was the worst player in the NBA, a no-talent scourge on his family’s name, which is really saying something considering his brother is Jarron Collins. But he’s off the hook now, because more NBA 2K12 ratings have leaked and he’s not nearly the league’s worst any more.

That honor goes to the Bulls’ Brian Scalabrine and the Thunder’s Byron Mullens, both of whom have overall ratings of 40 in this year’s iteration of the game. For reference, a 40 means that a player can barely walk two steps without turning the ball over, rolling an ankle and losing several hundred thousand dollars in a bad investing deal.

But who is worse?

In Brian Scalabrine’s defense, he played valuable early season minutes for the Bulls last year, was personally recruited to Chicago by NBA Coach of the Year Tom Thibodeau and has a championship ring. On the other hand, he is Brian Scalabrine, and also, concussion headband. Byron Mullens, of course, was a first round draft pick just two years ago and once made Kevin Durant really happy when he made a shot in a 30-point game. Then again, he is also Byron Mullens and was called “B.J.” until just a few years ago.

As you can see, both of these guys have fascinating cases for and against them. It is nearly impossible to decide who’s the worst between the two of them, but we need to make a choice. Let’s hear in the comments who you think is the worst? If you still vote Jason Collins, that’s fine by me.