So the NBA negotiating sessions have reached a point where David Stern says that there are “enormous consequences at play here on the basis of the weekend,” meaning that something needs to get figured out at this Friday’s meeting or else we’re all about to get extra sad. Read in to it a little and you’ll probably suss out that he’s saying that significant strides need to be made or else games are going to start being cancelled. Fun times. Way to go, everyone.

But cheer up, bro. No NBA season might work out just fine for you. In fact, it could get you a one-day contract with a real, live team, albeit one you’re paying for. From the Dallas Morning News:

Today the team announced its inaugural fantasy camps that will be on Oct. 5 and 6. The one-day camps will be for fans ages 16 and up and will be limited to 32 participants per camp. Registration is available online at

The Fantasy Camps will give fans a one-of-a-kind basketball experience, a chance to interact with the coaching staff and general manager Donnie Nelson. Here’s a rundown of the goodies they can enjoy for the $650 fee:

* A meet & greet with Mavs coaches, legends, training staff and executives.
* Signing a Mavs-for-a-Day contract.
* Official adidas Mavs practice gear.
* An 8×10 photo with the Larry O’Brien trophy and autographed by Rick Carlisle.
* A nameplate, which will be placed over a locker in the Mavs locker room.
* Small-group clinics, drills and games on the Mavs’ practice court.
* Breakfast and lunch by caterers of the team.

Couple meals, some swag, hooping on the Mavs’ practice court and a Rick Carlisle autograph that you might be able to convince people really came from an elaborate Jim Carrey prank — that’s a pretty decent haul for $650. If you’re a Mavs fan, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.

Plus, I’m pretty sure the Mavs-for-a-Day contract is how Corey Brewer hooked up with the Mavericks and he got a championship ring out of the deal. That’d be a nice souvenir.