Delonte West: Yo dawg I need to get my J-O-B on, mang. This lockout killin’ me, yo.

A Crony: Oh no doubt, fo sho.

DW: Finna get some ice cream up in here though, mang.

Crony: Cold Stone, dawg.

DW: Yuuuuup. The Stone, mang. Leggo.

(Delonte West and his crony hop on Delonte’s three-wheel motorcycle and drive to the nearest Cold Stone Creamery)

DW: Mix-ins on mix-ins on mix-ins, mang. Gotta get these mix-ins in my crizzy cream. (raps) Mix-ins in my cream / Mix-ins in my cream / Puttin’ these mix-ins / In my cake batter cream.

Crony: Tiiiiiiight.

DW: Yo, I just crazy idea, yo.

Crony: Sup.

DW: Gonna throw down an application at Cold Stone, dawg.

Crony: For real?

DW: Think on this, dude. Not only do I get my ice cream on erryday, I get dollars and I get to get my songs on when we get tips. It’s like the best of both worlds, yo.

Crony: I don’t know, D. Seems like mad stressful and weird hours and all that bunk.

DW: Word, word. But check it. (raps) Chocolate lovers only / Do this for my homies / Birthday cake remix / At the Cold Stoney. Errytime someone leave a tip, I rock the mic. Hone my craft and whatnot.

Crony: Yeah, that’s true.

DW: (raps) What you know about / The founder’s favorite? / You might not want a like it / But you can’t hate it.

Crony: Go. Go.

DW: (raps) Chocolate devotion / Like a boat to an ocean / Throw the fruit in the bowl / Call that ish bananas.

Crony: Aight. I feel you.

DW: Yo yo, Cold Stones. Hook me up with an application.

(A Cold Stone mixologist hands Delonte West an employment application which he fill out on the spot)

DW: That oughta do it.

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  1. Oh Trey, what a big baller

  2. One of your best pieces Trey. Very believable, except for the “and whatnot” part ;)

  3. hehe mama drama xD

  4. One of the funniest fucking things I’ve ever seen. Instantly linking this everywhere.

  5. How Many Hours Per Week Would You Like To Work? All of em

    What Was The Felony: Misunderstanding

    Graduated: Fo Sho

    Reason For Leaving: Mama Drama


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