This past Saturday, a Spartan Race took place in Staten Island, NY. It was a grueling eight mile battle, filled with 15 obstacles including a fire pit, climbing wall and a gladiator arena where you have to fight dudes with jousting sticks in order to pass. People train their faces off trying to master a course like this one, hoping to put up a good enough time that they can finish in the top three and earn entrance in to another race. Just completing a Spartan Race is a badge of honor, probably.

And Al Harrington did it all with a smile on his face, just like those famed warriors of yore. I’m not saying that if King Leonidas had 300 Al Harringtons that he would have won the Battle of Thermopylae, but Xerxes probably would have been shaking in his sandals. (Just a little Greek humor for all the Spartasauri out there. Tip your helots.)

(via Hank Brockett)