This is Derrick Rose’s newest commercial for his newest adidas shoes. The shoes look great. The idea is great. The dunk at the end is very, very great. But I am a little confused.

If Derrick Rose is a bull and these Lakers and Celtics bullfighters are trying to matador him up, then isn’t the cheering at the end for those guys? Nobody roots for the bull in a bullfight, except for maybe other bulls if they are watching from their pen. Or if they are cheering for Rose, then maybe that’s a little premature since the toreadors aren’t going to stop until they’ve killed the bull, which seems like a pretty gruesome ending to a shoe commercial.

I guess there is a small chance I’m thinking about this too literally. As long as Salvador Dali makes a beautiful surrealist painting about this, I’ll be happy.

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  1. Madonna’s ‘Take A Bow’ video comes to mind when I watch this.

  2. i watched some bullfights in my life, a few live as well, and i’m always rooting for the bull

  3. Hi Trey!

    Don’t forget one thing (if you already knew it, which I doubt… freaking rhetorical phrases!): When the bull is REALLY good, the torero (no “toreador”, please!) can decide to sort of “amnesty” him (it?). If he does, the bull is not killed. It gets its wounds cured and can spend the rest of its life hanging around and mounting pretty cows.

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