To be fair, today’s Miami Heat are probably better than whatever team the guy who keeps talking about Mutombo fingers is picking — 2001 Sixers maybe? 1994 Nuggets? 2003 Nets? — but picking the LeBron James-led Heat is probably the most Drake thing he could have done in a video that doesn’t feature a song where he’s whining about being famous. Of course he’d pick the Heat. It just fits so well.

Of course, Michael Jordan’s right again. Can’t argue with a ring that literally says “Best Team Ever.” If it’s engraved in gold, it must be true.

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  1. What’s with people picking non-championship teams?

    The mid 90s Knicks? They were not even that good, since the mid 90s were probably the weakest era in last 30 years and they still came up empty-handed.

    Today’s Heat have a chance to maybe become one of the greatest teams ever, but Drake’s just idiotic to mention them in the same conversation as the ’87 Lakers, ’86 Celtics or ’96 Bulls. Stupid man.

  2. BEST TEAM EVERY …. 2001 Toronto raptors. (best team in Canada..)

  3. Of Course its the 96 Bulls…72-10….Most wins ever, and the ring….

  4. nah, the ’91 blazers would stomp the ’11 heat. just because that guy is somehow less likeable than drake, shouldn’t change the facts. i definitely don’t know why he is doing mutumbo fingers about it though.

  5. 91 Blazers didn’t have the best player in the league.

  6. Mark Cuban just sitting at his desk with the trophy made me chuckle.

  7. Thought he would show his golf bag instead

  8. Drake makes me wish I hadn’t shaved his likeness into the back of my head

  9. On another note, Chuck Klosterman did a podcast with Simmons in the pre-Grantland days about a year ago and compared Drake to LeBron. Funny how things work out

  10. 2000-01 Lakers dropping only 1 in the playoffs, making an 11 gm streak and a 4 gm streak.

  11. Brian Wilson FTW!

  12. The ring says “Greatest Team Ever” and not “Best”. Sorry I couldn’t help but noticing and quoting supposedly is a very serious business and I just wanted to have your back Trey…

  13. The dude with the Mutumbo fingers already picked the Trailblazers, he’s just saying that everyone else is wrong

  14. I’m pretty sure the guy doing the Mutombo finger wag was just saying no to the guy who was picking the Ewing Knicks; not picking one of Mutombo’s teams.

  15. @BaraChat:

    Mid 90s weakest era? C’mon – with Houston, Chicago, Utah, Seattle, Phoenix, Indiana – It’s clear why NY were left empryhanded…. Even just the Bulls and the 6 rings should be enough to make it on the most hostile eras for every other team ;)))

  16. @ Stefan

    I’m not saying it wasn’t a ferocious era (it definitely was) but most teams weren’t THAT good the way I see it. Sure there were a few great players here and there but you could make a point that even the two best players from that era (Jordan and Hakeem) weren’t even in their prime and still dominated the league. That tells me those other “great” teams weren’t actually that good…

  17. @BaraChat:

    I guess you’re kinda right, but still I don’t think MJ wasn’t in his prime… On the contrary :)

  18. You guys are all stupid, drake was told to say that because that was a commercial in which all of the other people except Jordan and Cuban. But Drake was paid to say that and it doesnt reflect on Drake because thats what he was paid to do by the writers and producers of the script.

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