Aside from the fact that Tom Haverford obviously needs to be educated on the difference between a strike and a lockout, this seems like the kind of thing all NBA players should be doing to scrape together some dough during this work stoppage. 75 percent of an NBA salary is nothing to wear an ornamental scarf sneeze at. High five.

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  1. Detlef Schrempf kills it!

  2. Agreed. Double homicide.

  3. omg… what show is this?? i need to start watching… DETAILS man DETAILS

  4. Its in the title. Parks and Recreation one of the funnier shows on tv right now behind Modern Family and 30 Rock.

  5. Are we having fun yet?

  6. *snobs acting like snobs*
    “Wow! This is hella funny!”

  7. He’s a much better actor than Carmelo and Bosh. His lines were delivered naturally and with minimal trace of stiffness. Detlef on the other hand, he’s in the same class as Carmelo but better than Bosh, although maybe I’m being too harsh on him because he did have a tricky line. I can’t help but think that Hibbert would have aced it though.

    About Bosh, maybe drama is not his strong suit. After all, he was pretty good in his own comedy skits. Maybe he’s a comedic actor who exaggerated the gravitas of drama. I’d like to see him on Parks and Recreation.

  8. thank you jdizzle…

    I agree with Jason. They both did a good job unlike bosh and melo … lol

  9. “Take me there”

    Modern Family isn’t in the same league with the other shows mentioned.

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