“I’m funny looking, so that helps ease the tension.”Baron Davis, master negotiator/possible Canadian

(via SB Nation)

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  1. Is that Ben Sherman?

  2. haahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa

  3. Is that Dirk I spy all the way in the back

  4. @KingKong,

    It’s Bonner.

  5. BD probably makes Stern think the players are not serious enough :D

  6. you know what would ease the tension BD? you cutting that beard.. trust me dog

  7. They all got a look on their face like if they had to, they could kill someone…

    Lindsay hunter looks like a lawyer, he wouldn’t kill you, but he would take everything you own and let you starve to death.
    Ray Allen looks like a high priced assassin, he would kill you wipe everything down and disappear
    Paul Pierce looks like a hit man, he would kill you then urinate on you
    Baron Davis looks like a Psycho, he would kill you then serve you with fava beans and a nice merlot.

  8. When did Tude Adebimpe become a NBA player?

  9. It’s Tunde Adebimpe, you jackass.

  10. Lindsay Hunter a.k.a. Roger Mason Jr.

  11. Is Pierce wearing a purple shirt and a backpack? He’s rocking KD’s look now I guess.

  12. Just the hipster thang to do

  13. Ray looks ready to kill a man, or at least ready to pay Baron Davis to kill a man.

  14. I thought that was Black Thought from The Roots.

  15. HAHAH.. They look like they’d merk anything that moves. BDiddy’s been watchin some Old school ‘SCTV”, eh?!

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