If you’re an NFL fan, you probably know that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had a rough day yesterday. After staking the Cowboys to a 27-3 lead over the Detroit Lions with a trio of touchdown passes, Romo basically gave the game away with three interceptions — including a couple of picks that were returned for touchdowns. The Lions came back to win 34-30 and the Cowboys fell to 2-2 on the season.

Even if you don’t follow American football all that closely, you’re surely aware that the Cowboys are kind of a big deal, particularly in Dallas. Dirk Nowitzki thinks he can relate to what Romo is going through, because playing power forward for the Mavericks and playing quarterback for the Cowboys is basically the same level of pressure, right?

Yeah… not really. Nobody tell Dirk this, but most Dallas sports fans would trade the Mavs’ only championship for yet another Cowboys Super Bowl title without a second’s hesitation. I’m sure Tony appreciates the support, though.

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  1. This Dallas sports fan would make no such trade!

  2. This one neither.

  3. I expect that any Dallas sports fan that actually reads basketball blogs wouldn’t make that trade.

  4. I suspect no Dallas sports fans would make that trade. Dirk has a lot more cred in Dallas than you think.

  5. Clearly you’re missing the point. Dirk is addressing criticism by outsiders. Where does he ever mention pressure?

  6. No Dallas sports fans? People care about the Cowboys and the NFL a lot more than you seem to think.

  7. Dirk’s point is absolutely valid, but there’s no way the level of criticism Dirk used to receive is remotely comparable to what Romo has had to face.

  8. That is nitpicking at its finest. You don’t have to be exactly in someone else’s shoes to know it sucks to have a lot of critics, regardless of the actual magnitude.

  9. born and raised in Dallas, and I wouldn’t trade 100 Cowboys rings for the Mavs ring I waited my whole life for them to get. But you knew that, that’s why i frequent BDL.

    The real point here is that the analogy isn’t apt at all, because I have met Dirk Nowitzki, and Tony Romo, sir, is no Dirk Nowitzki. Sweet of him to say that and all, but Tony has about 10 more seasons being the best QB in the league to come close to what Dirk has done, even before the ring.

  10. Hmm, I am from Dallas and love both the Cowboys and Mavericks. While I can’t speak for everyone, I know among my friends, none would trade a Mavs’ title for a Cowboys’ Super Bowl. Now a Rangers’ World Series would be a different story.

    As to the amount of criticism Dirk has faced, I think he was labeled, and accepted as, a choker by much of the general public. That seems to me to be much worse than the worst thing people have said about Romo. Either way, Dirk seems to have a pretty good idea of what it takes to overcome failures in the moment, i.e. attack your mistakes in practice and use your greatest failures as motivation.

  11. funny how quick people forgot about Dirk and his lady friend Crystal Taylor that tranny looking lady. Dirk is a poser

  12. CJ you silly head. Get out of here.

    Also just a +1 to the fact that I don’t think many people here in Dallas would trade the Mavs championship for another Cowboys championship win (that parade was crazy, bro!). Honey Badger brings a up a good point about the Rangers though.

  13. I love both guys, but no way would I think about trading the Mavs championship for anything. Texas has ‘way more basketball fans than sports writers give credit for. MavsFanForLife! Go Mavs! Go Cowboys! Go Rangers! Go Stars! Love them all! As for Tony, remember all the injuries, the young offensive line, the other players Jerry has surrounded him with, plus some of the play calling. Enough blame to go around to all.

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