If you’re an NFL fan, you probably know that Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had a rough day yesterday. After staking the Cowboys to a 27-3 lead over the Detroit Lions with a trio of touchdown passes, Romo basically gave the game away with three interceptions — including a couple of picks that were returned for touchdowns. The Lions came back to win 34-30 and the Cowboys fell to 2-2 on the season.

Even if you don’t follow American football all that closely, you’re surely aware that the Cowboys are kind of a big deal, particularly in Dallas. Dirk Nowitzki thinks he can relate to what Romo is going through, because playing power forward for the Mavericks and playing quarterback for the Cowboys is basically the same level of pressure, right?

Yeah… not really. Nobody tell Dirk this, but most Dallas sports fans would trade the Mavs’ only championship for yet another Cowboys Super Bowl title without a second’s hesitation. I’m sure Tony appreciates the support, though.