(Note: NSFW language here since this is Stephen Jackson rapping)

Is it surprising at all that Stephen Jackson would turn in the best rap of the lockout? He just seems like the kind of guy who’d be able to rap OK, even if he doesn’t sound anything like UGK which is what I assumed would be the case.

Major points for the sports news samples that serve as the hook, and super extra double major points for working the Milwaukee Bucks in to a punchline about how rich he is. Sure, it seems obvious, but it’s still weird that StackJack is going to be in Milwaukee whenever the season starts, so word up.

(via SLAM)

Comments (5)

  1. haha classic Stephen

  2. I’m impressed.

  3. garbage…Tony Parker has a better flow

  4. One of the very few NBA players I’m not surprised at all (AT ALL) to see in a clip like this.

    I love Steph Jackson, he’s crazy enough and he’s a VERY talented basketball player, I just wish it would show up more often.

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