Video: Dunks on dunks on dunks

Yeah, yeah. I know. There’s no defense. It’s out of bounds when John Wall whips the ball off the wall for a self-oop. These guys are traveling. And cetera. I get it.

Still, LeBron’s head was above the rim on that last dunk, Kevin Durant can put the ball between his legs on a dunk even though his legs are giraffe-ish, and John Wall went around his back like it’s walking the dog. Not to mention, Chris Paul got the rare, double-assisted slam dunk, which usually only happens in movies about teenagers who gain special powers and then lose them right before the championship game. Even if you totes hate summer basketball because of all the aforementioned reasons, that’s still pretty incredible. Admit it.

But also, start the season already.

(via Mr. Irrelevant)

Comments (2)

  1. That’s a 9 foot rim, right?

    If not, they’ve been holding back. why the hell don’t these guys jump this high in the NBA?

    Also, if not, John Wall needs to participate in the dunk contest.

  2. Because in the NBA, some dude will be down there undercutting you and destroying your ankles.

    Meanwhile, why is JR Smith listed as “Denver Nuggets”? Shouldn’t that say Zhejiang Golden Bulls?

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