The [BLANK] Jones: Rugby

It’s October. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, we talk about the peculiar athletic dance they call “rugby.” Is it just a bunch of guys running? What is a hooker? How was the sport accidentally invented? All that, plus tales from a 100-year old’s birthday, Trey Kerby’s mom’s favorite thing about Toronto, and which Monopoly piece Tas prefers. Yup, the cat’s finally out of the bag.


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  1. Tas…

    a hooker and a swinger


  2. Great to see you guys support Rugby! It’s such a great sport! The RWC is the biggest sporting event in the world this year.

    Canada did you guys proud… France (big world rugby power) would be thanking you because they lost to Tonga! Your upset win over Tonga meant that they didn’t get eliminated in the group stage!

  3. That thing from the photo – The Haka is one of the most impressive sports related things I’ve ever seen!

  4. HA!

    I can’t believe you guys actually did this! TBJ doing rugby! Incredible!

    (And yes, Tas, you guys REALLY know nothing! Hilarious.)

  5. two towel show guys!

  6. I could listen to Matt Osten tell childhood stories all day

  7. That was a two towel performance indeed :-) Great stories guys !

    I think rugby looks easy to pick up but is way more complex than you think. You could tell that when Matt was trying to explain some rules ;-)
    That is what’s making this sport interesting. Strong and rough on one side but subtle and technical on the other.

    Otherwise you just missed THE topic linking rugby, Canada and basket. Did you not hear the Canadians where using the “fear the beard” anthem ? And yes they have pretty decent beards :

  8. I love that it took more than a third of the video to finally start talking about Rugby.

  9. This is the first real funny story that Matt Osten told. THE BEST.

  10. remarkably little knowledge on show today guys

  11. rugby? what’s next, cricket?

  12. As a NZ native, I almost cried when you guys covered my 2nd favourite sport! Then i almost cried when i heard how much u dont know about it! Watch the remaining games of the rugby world cup to increase rugby jones knowledge! Please do a follow show up with increased wisdom!
    All Black are boss! What is with the exclamation marks!

  13. Sorry to be a dick, and take this for what it’s worth (not much), But IMO the Trey Kirby “AAA-OOOH” is a bit played.

    /I’m a total ass

  14. What’s an “urban” person?

  15. Flair, style and rythem = swagger. FYI.

    #twotowelperformance for all!

  16. the BYU college football team used to open with the haka. Lot of Polynesians on that team

  17. Matt should be a life coach or something. He gave a 2-towel performance this podcast, making up for Skeets absence. Way to go hobbit!

  18. The Shoe is not “traditional” -The Car however is.
    I’m expecting a board game Jones soon.

    JD saying “It was heading to a very sexy place.”
    and the phrase “wet noodles” had me on the floor laughing.

    Flanker is 7, or 6.

    And in pro rugby the only way you can get subed off and get back on without costing your team is the blood rule, so up till this day people get themselves bloody on purpose, to you know…help the team. Fun.

  19. I played rugby from 6th grade to grade 11. Fantastic sport. I guess this post is for matt then, but Flanker is a key spot. Glad you guys talked about it.

  20. Is it just me or are Matts stories just the most hilarious thing you could ever listen to?
    It seems like Matt only did things that are inceredibly made for storytelling.

  21. Theres a guy who used to play for the Hurricanes in New Zealand. He plays hooker and his name is Andrew Hore. Ah the irony

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