Arvydas Sabonis has had a pretty weird 2011. In April, he was inducted in to the Naismith Hall of Fame, giving everyone a chance to reflect upon his career and come to the same conclusions that they had decades earlier — that he was a once-in-a-lifetime talent who came to the NBA way too late. So that was cool for him.

On the other end of the things that could happen to a person spectrum, he had a heart attack last week, which isn’t surprising when you consider he 7-foot-3, more than 300 pounds, and hasn’t been a competitive basketball player for seven years. Still, at just 46, Sabonis is way too young to be having heart attacks, even if he’s got a few strikes against him on the health front.

But that’s not the bad part. (Well, that is still probably actually the bad part, but you will see what I mean after this next sentence.) The bad part is that his heart attack is going to prevent him from doing most of his favorite things. From AFP:

“The doctors told me, ‘You can’t smoke, you can’t drink, you can’t play basketball.’ So of the things I like, only sex is left,” Sabonis told Lithuanian media at the clinic in his hometown, the central city of Kaunas.

To be fair, if you are only going to be able to do one thing that you like after having a heart attack, sex is a pretty great one thing to be able to do. The best thing, really. Don’t get me wrong, playing basketball is incredible, but it is not having sex. You guys know what I’m talking about.

Not to mention, now that he’s not going to be smoking and drinking, he’s probably going to get very healthy. And now that he’s not going to be playing any more basketball, he’ll have a lot of free time to get learn a new hobby. Maybe he can take up knitting, which I am told is very relaxing. Or maybe he will become the world’s best pinochle player, an activity that should definitely be OK with cardiologists everywhere. If he’s dying to keep doing basketball stuff, he should just get NBA 2K12, which is the next best thing to playing. Heck, there might even be a digital Arvydas Sabonis hidden somewhere deep within that game. It has everything.

Let’s all hope that Arvydas gets better really quickly. He’s already left intensive care, which is a good start. He might not be able to do everything he likes when he’s back to full strength, but at least he’ll have at least one thing that can keep him happy.

(via Blazers Edge)