Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul are Jordan Brand’s signature athletes. They get their own shoes, they’re the focus of the marketing materials and they get fake jerseys with their names on them. You know, the good stuff. We’ve already seen Carmelo’s shoes, so it was just a matter of time before we got a look at the newest Wade and Paul sneaks. On Tuesday, Jordan Brand busted ‘em out.

The low tops you see up there are the Jordan CP3.V. The higher ones are the Jordan Fly Wade 2. I will let you figure out which are which because you are super smart.

Both of the shoes look pretty great in person, especially the anodized red Wades and the black/gold CP3.Vs. You don’t see a lot of general release shoes in those colorways, especially from Jordan, but that’s something the company is moving in to because they see the demand for fancy shoes.

As you can imagine, both of these shoes are very personalized to the athletes that’ll be wearing them. Chris Paul’s shoes big design feature are 61 cutout triangles on the upper that honor his grandfather, which is a story that is just as touching no matter how many times you hear it. Tech-wise, the coolest thing is the big rubber cap on the inside of the shoe that’s supposed to be used as a sort of brake because Paul drags his toe to stop. Once you think about how often he drags his foot, you will not stop.

The Fly Wade 2s, meanwhile, feature a traction pattern designed around the No. 3, the inspiration for which is pretty obvious. And we get our first look at Wade’s new logo, a stylized W that’s a three if you turn it on its side, an E for East Coast if you turn it the other way, and an M for Miami if it’s upside-down. And here’s a fun little tidbit that Jordan lead designer Mark Smith let slip — there will be a new postseason shoe for Dwyane Wade, assuming there is a season and the Heat make the playoffs. I’m confident that one of those things will happen.

The Wades come out December 7 and will retail for $140, the Pauls on January 11 for $120. Detailed pictures after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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  1. The all-red Wades are pretty slick. Prefer the black Pauls to the white, which is odd given my preference for white Js.

  2. The wades are pretty sick, except the all black one. Don’t like any of the CP3′s tho…

  3. the CP3 design is cool but i’m not feeling the colors. lets get some cool grey in the mix

  4. Both the shoes aren’t bad… glad that Wade changed his logo. This logo is a bit better than the last one. I know it isn’t pictured but, Melo’s Jordan’s look like ass.

  5. the cp3s are like all the previous cp3s – not bad looking, probably pretty decent balling shoes, but ultimately unremarkable.

    i still think the best looking wades were the 2.0 converse model.

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