You might think that now that they don’t play basketball against each other, Michael Jordan would take it easy on Charles Barkley. Since Michael spent an entire career figuring out ways to stymy Chuck’s hope for a title, you’d think he’d cut Sir Charles a little slack now that they’re old and fat.

Get serious. This is Michael Jordan. Like he’d ever stop dissing his rivals. From ESPN:

Jon Robinson: Are you disappointed that Charles Barkley isn’t represented in the game as one of the 15 legends?

Michael Jordan: I am disappointed he’s not in the game. I think people would love to see how much smaller he was compared to how he is now. [laughs] The impact he had on the league being only 6-4, 6-5, and the impact he had at the power forward position is going to be missed.

That’s how you do it. That’s how you zing your friends when they’re least expecting it. One second Charles Barkley is reading an innocuous article about NBA 2K12 (yeah right, but go with it) and the next Michael Jordan’s making fat jokes because he just can’t resist. Classic Michael Jordan.

I especially like at the end how he tries to make it seem like he was just talking about Barkley being a short power forward, and not that he was laughing about a joke he made about Charles gaining all that weight after he retired. After years of needling Barkley, you think we’re letting a wise crack like this slip by? Nice try, Mike.