It’s October. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, we get deep into the mysterious world of job interviews. Tas shares stories from an awkward meeting for a sexy job, JD brings his trademarked cover letter secrets, and Score Media CEO John Levy drops by with an assessment of TBJ’s first interview at the company. All that, plus Trey infiltrates Nike’s super-secret Oregon compound, Matt explains why asking too many questions can be a bad thing, and Skeets keeps us up-to-date on his vacation via Twitter. #Barcelona #fun #podcasts.


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Comments (16)

  1. You guys are awesome.
    Your boss is awesome.
    Sometimes, life is just right.

  2. Portland is 75 degrees and sunny late June-mid September. Oregon weather definitely gets a bad rap but I moved to Nashville after living in Oregon for the first 22 years of my life and it rains almost as much here.

  3. Excellent choice on the picture for this episode.

    Why do you have Randy Jackson’s autograph on a martial arts weapon?

  4. 20:14 mark – Matt on TBJ being hired by The Score: “It was a bit of a unique situation ’cause it was all 4 of us at once”.

    The Score, CEO, John Levy: “Now, wait a sec. Correction: it was 3 initially.”

  5. i just want you guys to know. without a hint of kiss-assery. if you ever interviewed me i would do just the right amount of talking to get hired and do everything possible not to annoy you. just saying. (email contact is at the top)

  6. For what it’s worth, I recommend that you guys should NOT abandon the “Aaaaaay-OH!” salutation.

    I suggest that Trey’s “Aaaaay-OH” should be short (0.5 sec.), and the group’s response should be at least twice as long (1-1.25 sec.), “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay-OH!”

    That will keep it fresh.

    Don’t stop believing.

  7. I think I almost frickin ruptured a kidney laughing at the Barcelona bit at 1:38 by Tas, and relistened to the joke 3 times to ensure internal bleeding.

  8. You guys are the prototype!

  9. I have noticed that Tas’s sign-off quotes are no longer the typical global, catch-all quotes, and are becoming more episode specific.

    Is this going to continue when basketball comes back?

    I like the new format.

  10. Tas: I say from porn descriptor to TBJ is a downgrade…jk. John seems like a kick-ass boss. And did not understand the robot’s quote

  11. This show gave me an insight into what Matt might have been like in court.

    So I send a bullshitty made up cover to you guys or…?

  12. That was an awesome show. I loled at least 5 times. Thanks

  13. great show guys, the ppl at my office think im crazy, laugh out like im doing… and the hold music was amazing… i am looking for a PT job, how much you all pay? Videography, Photography, Flash design, Almost all multimedia :D

    HOLLA at your BOY!

  14. Also, Converse is owned by Nike, so probably not too taboo to talk about that brand.

  15. Wow, it’s pretty awesome that the dude that manages everything going on at the Score was cool enough to sit down with you guys and just talk like that. Must be a great atmosphere at that place.

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