Eyyyyyyy, you like-a ze jersey? Tonay Parcare like-a ze jersey. Tonay Parcare make-a ze jersey. Tonay Parcare own-a ze jersey. Tonay Parcare own-a ze team, so he definlee own-a ze jersey.

He like-a ze gween too. Oh so gween. Gween like-a ze fields in ze French countryside vhere Tonay spend hees youth, fwowicking srough ze meadow dreaming of ze NBA. Oh to be youth again. Tonay mees ze simple times, like-a when he see Ardennes horse eating ze grasses in ze fields, being like a weetle cutey horse.

Tonay vas 11 zen, just a wee leetle boy. Back zen, sings were seempler. Tonay would sit in ze fields, vatching ze horses, loving ze basketball. He used to think, “Me, Tonay Parcare, he loooooove ze basketball. He want to ‘ave ze basketball. Why not Tonay Parcare own-a ze basketball?” Zat’s why Tonay Parcare buy ze Asvel Basket team. Zat’s why he play ze basketball in France during ze lockedout.

Sacrebleu! Tonay Parcare getting eeemotional ‘ere. Tonay Parcare just so happy to be wearing ze gween, playing ze basket.

Tonay Parcare just want to be youth again, vreally. Zat’s vhat playing for ze Asvel Basket team ees about. Zat’s what making ze fields gween jerseys about. Zat’s what wearing ze gween jersey vhile playing ze basket ees about. Ees not bout monay or fames or making good times vith pretty lady. Tonay Parcare just vant to be leetle again. Leetle Tonay, eating baguette, watching horse, making smiles. Happy times for Tonay Parcare.

So, you like-a ze jersey? Tonay Parcare like-a ze jersey. Tonay like-a ze jersey beaucoup.

(via BallinEurope)