We can all agree that the NBA lockout is the worst. Not only are we in danger of missing out on the best players playing the best sport, we’ve already lost most of the Nuggets to China, have to resort to posting about Blake Griffin’s thong choice, and are surviving on Gary Neal highlights and matchups between cities no one considers summer ball meccas. It sucks and no one’s even sure when it’s going to end, so that sucks even more meaning it double sucks.

But maybe, just maybe, things are getting better. Our source of hope? Bill Walton, who just might have some inside info he’s playing coy about. From the Orange County Register:

He said he didn’t want to comment on [the lockout] then, hinting anything he said would soon become outdated.

“They’re close,” he said, grinning widely, as if he knew something he couldn’t share about the negotiations between owners and NBA Players Association.

Does that mean he is confident there will be a full season?

“Oh, yeah,” Walton said, grinning again. “They’re close.”

Hey, if Bill Walton says it, it must be true. He wouldn’t lie to us. He’d exaggerate to us, no doubt about that, but he wouldn’t straight up lie. That’d be like your wacky uncle making up stories about the lockout ending, which he probably wouldn’t do. (I don’t know your uncle, so if he’s a liar, please disregard this last sentence.)

Plus, Bill Walton seems like he’s plugged in enough to know how the negotiations are going, and I feel like people would trust him enough to tell him what’s really going on. Maybe I am just too confident in Bill Walton’s trustworthiness and want to believe that the lockout is ending, but I am willing to buy this. Thanks for a tiny shred of possibly misplaced optimism, Billy Walty.

Pretty much the only thing that could make me believe that Bill Walton has the inside scoop is he said, “The most tragic lockout in the history of organized labor has nearly come to an end. Soon, our beautiful game will be exciting the electrons in our plasma screens. Today is the greatest day of all-time.” This will have to do.