Lookin’ good, Adam Morrison

Hey Adam. Cool hair, man. Looks really great. You been using Pantene Pro-V? Those locks are looking lustrous. Really glad you decided to grow it way out. The crewcut was boring, the moptop was too Gonzaga-y, but this is perfect. This is you, man.

Loving the tricep flex you’ve got going on too. Looks super tough, like you can’t help having such big guns. Totally nailed this pic.

Maybe chill on the fighting though. Don’t want you to make a bad impression and be run out of the league. Seems like your teammates loved it though, so that’s good. When in Serbia, I guess.

But for real, the side part suits you. Gives you a little extra volume, which is nice. You kinda look like Harris from “Freaks and Geeks,” but I think that’s kind of fitting actually. He was a pretty chill bro.

Looks like you’re doing pretty well, dude. Just wanted to say wassup and let you know the hair’s on point.

Keep it growing. Keep it flowing.