This is UNDRCRWN’s newest t-shirt. It’s called “Make Your Layups,” and if you don’t get it, this will help. It’s simultaneously one of the most famous Bulls highlights of their dynasty years and one of the most infamous Knicks lowlights of their mid-90s stretch as the NBA’s most tragic also-rans.

Basically, it’s a perfect concept for one of UNDRCRWN’s oft-imitated dynasty t-shirts. Unless you’re a Knicks fan, I’m guessing. Though maybe it will be a therapeutic thing where they can be like, “I love the Knicks but I really hate that Charles Smith. What a knucklehead.” It’s a nice way for them to show they love the Knicks of yesteryear while admitting that some dumb things happened on their quest for a title.

And if you’re not a Knicks fan? Even better. There are few better ways to rub a team’s failures in their face than by wearing a shirt that publicly broadcasts one of their greatest failures for all to see. If you hate the Knicks, there might be nothing better than wearing this shirt and walking by Madison Square Garden with your chest puffed out. Sure, there’s a legitimate chance you might be assaulted, but sometimes you have to put your health on the line for a superzing.

The shirts retail for $32 and they’re available now at UNDRCRWN’s website. Get yours now before the Knicks find a new way to embarrass themselves and this is totally irrelevant.

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  1. I would probably take a marker and also cross out John Starks for shooting his team to death in their finals game 7 against the Rockets. Of course i wasn’t a huge fan of this era’s Knicks anway, so I’d probably cross them all out except Pat; and that’s only out of respect for the Patrick Chewing commercial.

  2. I’m sure “Charles” stood for Oakley first, but then they thought “Whoa, we can make fun of that poor quadruple-blocked guy, and we don’t even have to reprint our t-shirts, just add some white marker here!”

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