When you think Drew Gooden, what do you think? I remember his hair patch, his beard growing contest with DeShawn Stevenson, and more recently, that time he threw himself a double alley-oop. Some people probably remember when he had a Ceasar haircut in college and how he led the NCAA in rebounding. Or that one game he played for the Kings.

(Now that we’re talking about it, Drew Gooden’s done a lot of weird stuff for such a mediocre player.)

But anyway, back to the thinking about Drew Gooden stuff. Now when you think Drew Gooden, he hopes you think chicken wings. From the Orlando Business Journal:

Gooden — who played last season with the Milwaukee Bucks and had two seasons with Orlando in the early 2000s — along with operating partner George Taylor III last month inked a deal with Texas restaurant chain Wingstop Inc. to open four new restaurants in the Orlando area. The pair, as Zerocon Food Systems LLC, plan to open the eatery in areas such as Altamonte Springs, Dr. Phillips, Lake Mary, the University of Central Florida main campus area in east Orlando and Winter Park, just to name a few possible locations. [...]

Gooden’s goal: To grow Wingstop in Orlando to the proportions of Five Guys Burgers and Fries or Jimmy Johns.

“I did lot of research on different franchises,” he said, adding that he wanted to land a Five Guys deal, but that the only franchises available were outside of the United States. “Wingstop is where Five Guys was four years ago, and now it’s got 15-20 locations throughout Orlando.”

From here on out, Drew Gooden shall be known as Captain Chicken Wings, because he is poised to be the NBA’s leading chicken wing distributor. Pretty chill claim to fame.

The lockout means guys need to find new ways to make money. If opening a bunch of Wingstops and peddling their nine sauces is how Drew Gooden thinks he’s going to make money, then good for him. As Wu-Tang Financial told us, diversification is key. This is something Wingstop knows pretty well, as they have added something called “Gliders” to their menu.

I guess what you could say is that if Drew Gooden’s life were a Wingstop menu, Wingstop would be the Gliders and basketball would be the chicken wings. And really, we all need some kind of Gliders in our lives.

(via SLAM)