Carmelo Anthony just did an interview with GQ magazine, in which he said some things that were smart and some that were not quite as smart.

Here is the smart:

GQ: What would you have done differently if you were in LeBron’s shoes.
Carmelo Anthony: I would have just signed.

GQ: No announcement?
Carmelo Anthony: Yeah, I would have just signed.

This is smart because this is obviously the best way to announce a signing that is sure to anger a lot of people. If LeBron would have done that, this would have saved him some grief. Pretty much everyone who has thought about “The Decision” for more than six seconds agrees that this is what should have happened. Totally nailed it.

Here is the not so smart:

Carmelo Anthony:I think people fail to realize that teams and organizations have been stacking teams since way back in the day. The Lakers had the Showtime era. Boston had six hall of famers on one team. You had Detroit, the New York Knicks, and now the Miami Heat. They were stacking their teams back then, it just fell off over the years and now it picked back up. Boston did it first, then LA. I was fortunate enough to play against them when they had Shaq, Kobe, Rick Fox, Gary Payton, Karl Malone… that’s five hall of famers on one team! So you can’t get mad at Miami for doing what they did.

Technically, there is only one actual Hall of Famer on that Lakers team, since Karl Malone is the only guy who’s been inducted so far. But we can all agree that Shaq and Kobe will definitely be first ballot guys, and that Gary Payton will probably get in.

But Rick Fox? Rick “Actor Is Listed Before Basketball Player On My Wikipedia Page” Fox? Come on, Carmelo Anthony. I know we all liked “He Got Game,” but this is just silliness.

According to Basketball-Reference’s Hall of Fame probability algorithim, Rick Fox has a 0.4 percent chance of being inducted to the Hall of Fame. He never made an All-Star team, except for his three appearances in the midseason celebrity game, which is kind of too many. He never made an All-NBA team. He never won any awards. And, of course, he is just Rick Fox. Even he doesn’t think he should be in the Hall of Fame. (Though we should give him props for marrying Vanessa Williams and dating Eliza Dushku in the same lifetime. Dap.)

This is easily the funniest thing that Carmelo Anthony’s ever said. It probably wasn’t meant as a joke, but I think it’s best that we just enjoy the humor. Rick Fox in the Hall of Fame. Good one, Melo.