If we ever get an NBA season, it looks like a bunch of teams are going to be sporting fancy new alternate uniforms. At least according to the well-connected people behind NBA 2K12, which released last week. Thanks to some enterprising tricksters on a video games forum who hacked the planet game, we get to take a look.

Up top are the new Heat and Grizzlies alternates. One of them is very clean, streamlined and modern. The other is the Grizzlies. Truth be told, I like them both. The Heat for the aforementioned reasons, the Grizzlies because they look like they belong in Europe.

Here are the new Kings alternates, which Sactown Royalty showed you earlier. They look really good. Even Marcus Thornton looks slim in black.

There’s the back of the new Bobcats jersey, because they have a deep and storied history which they are drawing upon. Oh, and blue 76ers jerseys, which I’m surprised didn’t yet exist. Nice work.

The new Clippers jerseys look OK, but they are still not as good as the old Clippers alternates. If they could have somehow incorporated a white thong, it would be a different story. But whatever. As long as Blake Griffin is wearing clothes, they work for me.

Obviously these Raptors jerseys are the wildest of the bunch. I’m not sure if they are camoflauge, maple leaves or a sublimated raptor skin print, but they are crazy. I kind of feel like Brad Miller will need to be traded to the Raptors for whatever game they wear these for. It’s only fair.

Also, I’m not sure if those are new retro Nets jerseys, but I’m pretty sure that’s Travis Outlaw and there is no No. 21 on the Knicks, so it makes sense. If so, I guess the Nets are going to be wearing New York jerseys in New Jersey, before they move to New York. That won’t be confusing at all. Looks good though.

So yeah, lots of new jerseys this year, as usual. Sell enough of these and we might have a solution to the lockout, though I’m sure they’d find a way to fight about that too. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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  1. For us console users, are we even gonna get codes for those if there happens to be no NBA season?

  2. the heat and raptors jerseys i believe are not in the game but were custom installed in the pc game by patchers

  3. love the heat, sixers, and nets alternates. the nets one looks like the new york giants uniforms (a good thing). The memphis one is cool too, but mostly because tony allen is wearing it. I still think the greatest alternates are the warriors “the city” unis.

    any chance of knowing if the timberwolves have any new alternates? and any chance they wear those alternates every game and burn their regular ones?

  4. i know camouflage is kind of a big deal this year, but come on. you gotta be kidding. camouflage only really works in a half-ironic hipster kinda way and the raptors take themselves way to seriously for that so pleeeaaaase let this be a custom-installed patch like samir said… not that i care for the raptors that much but imho, fashion-wise, this is an embarrassment for the entire league. ugh what a god-awful uniform!


  6. The Memphis, Charlotte and Los Angeles jerseys are ABA Throwbacks being worn this season, not “new” styles. Notice the ABA logo patch on the back neck of the Charlotte jerseys, which are Carolina Cougars uniforms. Memphis Grizzlies are wearing the Memphis Tams uniform, Los Angeles Clippers wearing the Los Angeles Stars, and the New Jersey Nets wearing the New York Nets.

    Also, San Antonio will be wearing the Dallas Chaparrels uniforms, the Indiana Pacers will be wearing an ABA-era throwback, and the Denver Nuggets will be wearing their pickaxe ABA uniform.

  7. @telecustom
    I didn’t realize anyone took the raptors seriously

  8. well, raptors fans do, i guess – ask that carter guy :D

  9. Is there a reason that seemingly no one has noticed that those Jazz jerseys are new? I don’t really like the look of them in that picture, I’m sure they look better in real life, but apparently I’m the only person who saw them.

  10. nice reference to the famous brad miller-kevin garnnett war sayings back in the early 2000′s

  11. I still want the Lakers to have a 4th Jersey. We see the Sunday whites so often, and personally, I think they tend to lose a fair share of those games. I would like to see a Black Laker Jersey, which could be used for say, Sunday road games, or playoffs. How many years has it been since Kobe graced the cover of Slam magazine I believe with the snake…The Black colored Kobe Laker Jersey has always sold well. The Lakers are not like any other team in that they don’t change jersey designs every few years, and that their traditional home jersey was not white, but “Forum Gold” for so many years. A little addition, of the black jersey would be a subtle but a welcome addition to the players, I believe, as a black colored jersey has always seemed to represent “toughness”….JMHO.

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