Find that man who said “This is how Hunter and Stern should decide it.” He’s got a job waiting for him at The Basketball Jones.

In related news — please end the lockout so that a) grown men aren’t fighting in the streets because they’ve spent seven hours to hear no news about anything and b) there is more exciting stuff happening in basketball than a media fight between two men who clearly don’t want to actually fight. Seriously, please.

(via Jake Langbecker)

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  1. The guy that shot the video, Jake Langbecker, is the one who said that line. He writes for Here’s the link to his write-up with the video embedded:

    He should get the credit for this one, not Berger.

  2. It’s like watching two Carmelo’s duke it out. Flail and run flail and run

  3. This is how Hunter and Stern should decide it

  4. Cameramen being filmed fighting?

  5. These guys have really studied how to fight like an NBA player. All that was missing was a few more slaps and a ref to talk trash behind.

  6. Worst fight ever.

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