Back on The TV Draft Jones, I took “Top Chef” as my reality TV show choice because it is an incredibly well-made show devoted to people doing what they love while successful people in their field criticize them. It’s great. Plus the host of the show, Padma Lakshmi, is ridiculously pretty which might have factored in to the choice as well.

And apparently, she’s a big NBA fan, because she gave SLAM a perfect description of Nate Robinson.

SLAM: Do you still talk to Nate?

Padma Lakshmi: I never really talked to him; I would yell at him from my seat [laughs].

SLAM: What would you yell?

PL: I just love watching him on the court because he’s so low to the ground. He’s very fast. He doesn’t share the ball a lot. [Laughs] He’s not a sharer.

Just to recap — Padma Lakshmi is a fantastically rich, beautiful woman who loves eating food and watches enough basketball that she can make accurate Nate Robinson jokes. That is not a bad combination.

I am not sure if she is single or what, but someone out there should ask her on a date to eat a pulled pork sandwich and watch a Thunder game while hoping for a blowout so Nate can get some minutes. They always say the way to a woman’s heart is by watching semi-obscure basketball players hoop it up.