On Tuesday night, in a good ol’ Big Blue All-Stars exhibition country game, Boston Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo tossed the best assist of the lockout, an over-the-head, no-look, one-handed, alley-oop pass to Denver Nuggets draft pick Kenneth Faried, who slammed it home cleanly.

At least, that’s what CBSSports.com says happened. I don’t know — I refuse to watch the clip.

Take that, Stern!

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  1. ONIONS!………………

  2. Does anyone else see Trey Kerby in this video?

  3. That’s one of the best alley-oops i’ve ever seen, but you can’t call it a no-look. He made eye contact with him, and even saw Faried put his hand up calling for the ball. Still awesome though. …and even more awesome with the “ONIONS!” call. Brilliant!

    @Bobbito: yeah, that’s Trey getting ready to inbound the ball. I’d bet my really old cat’s life on it…

  4. Absolute onions.

  5. Disgusting.

    Just downright disgusting.

  6. Oh gosh that is just redic, it makes me happy Rondo is that good, but I really wanted the C’s to draft Kenneth Faried, now I want him even more. I am forever a Nuggets hater now!

  7. I thought he was the guy in the baseline that lost his mind so he ld on to it tightly..

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