“That’s right up there as one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard. That’s right up there with new Coke.”Charles Barkley, on the league that Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony are talking about starting

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  1. That might be the worst photoshop job by a reputable site – ever. New Coke is dripping down Sir Charle’s Arm right now along with the blood from the pinky he sliced in half.

  2. He just has a new style you’ve never seen before. (Also, that’s exactly what his pinky actually looks like in the original photo.)

  3. I think Barkley is simply frustrated like most people connected basketball are right now.

    A traveling circus style league could actually make decent money and at least give every town that gets lucky enough to watch a watered down All-Star game.

    If they get the right people running the show it could work. It won’t pay nearly as much, but can give fans, even those in markets with no team, some form of the NBA before the season starts.

    It is a sign though that players are in no rush to make a deal.

  4. Melo never said anything about Starting their own league. He actually said it would never work.

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