After Steve and Barry’s went bankrupt and the entirety of the NBA decided Stephon Marbury wasn’t welcome, you probably thought that meant the end of the Starbury, that once-notable super cheap shoe that once caused my worst ankle injury. To be fair, you probably didn’t think about this very much. But the one time you did, you probably just thought it was a nice experiment that came to an end. Oh well, see ya.

Wrong. The Starbury is back. Only in China, but still. It’s back, as Steph convinced the owners of the team he plays for to manufacture, sell and distribute the shoes. Sounds like a pretty great business move actually, which is why you have to wonder what the catch is.

The catch, apparently, is that Stephon Marbury had to put some different things on his face during the product launch.

Here’s Steph rocking a traditional opera mask. Something tells me that if you paid him enough money and added the Starbury logo to this, he’d wear this during a game. Promotion is promotion, man.

Here’s Steph shooting a blindfolded free throw. Because there is nothing more exciting than seeing a guy shoot a shot where he is more likely to miss it. That is the most thrilling thing in the world.

Stephon Marbury’s slow but sure takeover of China is continuing apace. Just a few more things on the face and he’ll be the paramount leader, with all 2 billion Chinese wearing his shoes. Lofty goal, but this is a good start.

(photos via Hoop China)