It’s October. There’s an NBA lockout. We’re bored as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!

Welcome to The [BLANK] Jones …

On today’s show, we talk about public transit. Does the honor system of payment work? How do you know when a person is old enough to give your seat to? What do you do about the abusive drunk on the bus? All that, plus shitting your sweatpants, silk boxers, dogs on streetcars, and an epic Osten vs. Doyle shouting match about fish.


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  1. Mind the gap people!!!

  2. If you are an able-bodied young man you don’t need a goddam seat so get your lazy ass up.

  3. Biggest pet peeve: dicks standing in front of the door when people are trying to get in or out.

    Food that is not a snack: absolutely not.

    No fucking pets.

    Also, I want a baseball Jones. Come on, it’s the World Series!

  4. can you guys still do blank jones when the season starts?

  5. Hey guys, I enjoyed the chat today. But I have to add that I have worked at a sushi restaurant for almost 4 years and soy sauce smells TERRIBLE!

  6. @Emilie Stop crapping on my point!

    PS- Does light soy smell better?

  7. I was in Prague last spring for study abroad. I think I was only checked three times by the crazy czech agents. A couple of my friends got caught without the pass.

  8. I can totally get Trey. It’s really a bad world when you are too big for a train at 6’4. I can seriously just sit like across two seats in some trains and then when someone wants the seat next to you, you have to explain the hole thing. It sucks bad…

  9. Dog on a seat is completely inexcusable.

  10. The POP system is still in effect for the Queen Streetcar, and for the entire GO transit system
    Good work mentioning the Walrus article, not enough people know about it and it answers so many questions about how we got into this mess

  11. @Bassti: “when someone wants the seat next to you, you have to explain the hole thing.”

    Sounds awkward.

  12. +1 to a Baseball Jones.

  13. I take the outside seat because I’m 6’7 and my legs don’t flippin fit on the inside seats. Build bigger seats I will take the inside. Pets should not be allowed. Also congrats to Matty-O for destroying J.D. in that shouting match.

  14. J.D., you shouldn’t eat more than 2 cans of chunk light tuna (or 1 can of albacore) each week, you’re risking mercury poisoning.

    P.S.A. for the day.

  15. JD is the only voice of reason and damn this year will be lame as fuck with blank jones’s like this and no real basketball talk.

  16. wait, JD is cool with (trained) pets on public transport, but not food or bikes?

  17. As much as I miss the basketball jones, this public transit jones had me laughing way more than usual. Nice work all around imo. Let’s see that clandestine picture of the dog on the seat!

  18. Where I live (Geneva. Switzerland), we have the honor system, and the town was losing so much money because of it (hiring people to check tickets, machines, …) that there was a vote for free public transports.
    Of course, people here are stupid, so they voted no.
    Recently, the price of tickets and fines has gone way up, and they hired more.

    Also, here you pay around 3 euros to ride the bus for a fucking hour (any bus or streetcar, ‘tho).
    People here complain about transportations all the time, but they don’t realise we have a great system for a city of only 400’000.
    Also : very clean, but full of drunk people, old people, and people eating (with no trashcans).

    I usually ride standing, but when I’m tired, I’m tired, and old people who seem like they are in good shape can just stand. I mean : seriously, those people can go around the whole day, but they chose to do it at 8 in the morning and 5/6 in the evening, when everyone is tired and the buses and streetcars are fucking full… Also : there’s soooo many of them, it’s freaky.

  19. WOOT! That took an epic turn there! Already knew it was Tas in that dog pic with that frikin beard

  20. VanCity does have the honour system but just on the SkyTrain/Canada Line. Bus Drivers let freeloaders ride all the time though.

    One sweet feature is the unlimited use for 90 mins after you have paid your fare. Gets you anywhere and sometimes even back if you’re quick!

    Wow, that was a terribly boring comment. Bring back the NBA already

  21. that was awesome… can we get a “matt vs JD jones” jones where they debate issues and it just turns into a yelling match!!!!

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