If you were wondering if the Macarena was still popular anywhere on Earth, the answer is yes. But only in Russia.

And Andrei Kirilenko is pretty bad at it.

(via Monilogue)

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  1. wtf did i just watch?? lololol

  2. Trey, there’s no such thing as “good at Macarena”

  3. I can’t even make a snarky remark to a video this awesome. That won’t stop me from trying though…

    “In Soviet Russia, Macarena does you!”

    “Kirilenko and Krstic were in this clip? I don’t remember seeing any guys.”

    “AK47 finally gets his quintuple-double by joining a gangbang with five guys and two Russian dancing girls.”

    …um… “Foreign guys dancing just got set back a couple years…”

    Alright, that’s all I’ve got…

  4. Man…

    Kirilienko+dat haircut+dat shirt = Claude Fran├žois
    (google it)

  5. like them dancin Russian blondies

  6. Never Again. Why did I watch all of it.

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