“Modern plantation overseer” … “his boys” … “hired hands.” Those are some pretty harsh words, Bryant Gumbel.

But I guess that is why it’s not TV, it’s HBO. Television wouldn’t allow one of its anchors to insinuate that the commissioner of a major sports league is basically a slave owner, but on HBO it’s OK. They had “Game of Thrones,” so anything goes.

Really wish he could have worked in some sort of Khal Drogo reference.

(via ProBasketballTalk)

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  1. I’m as progressive as the next guy- and I acknowledge that there is true racism alive and well in the world. The specter of slavery and Jim Crow still looms large over American culture.

    But this is sensationalistic and irresponsible journalism. It’s also just plain bullshit. You don’t invoke those words and images without a damned good reason, and the NBA’s collective bargaining sessions are NOT one of them.

    These guys have had, heretofore, the cushiest deal of any players’ union in pro sports. They raked in 57% of GROSS revenue. Sure, they had to fight and claw their way to get there over the decades, and they’re gonna naturally grouse about giving any of it back. But the Commissioner trying to secure more guaranteed revenue for his owner is not, even if you think he’s being too aggressive, HARDLY evidence of racism on his part- or of a slave/owner dynamic to the bargaining session.

    Defaulting to cries of racism and smearing Stern as a mustache-twirling plantation owner is the last gasp of a group without any further arguments to make. False, casual accusations of racism devalue ACTUAL racism in the world, as Obama said in his “More Perfect Union” speech in 2008 (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/03/18/obama-race-speech-read-th_n_92077.html)

  2. Here here, Martin.

  3. Why is he so offended anyway? Bryant Gumbel isn’t even black.

  4. Well said Martin. Bryant Gumbel is a fuckin douche who just wants to be talked about

  5. It’s enough to make a guy fly private!

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